Possible Super Bowl Matchups

We’re down to four teams left standing in the NFL playoffs. Both conference championship games will feature the second seeded team against the sixth seeded team. After the AFC featured division rival matchups last week, the NFC gets one for its’ conference championship. Green Bay and Chicago split two games in the regular season, with each team winning low-scoring and close games at home. The AFC championship game gets a rematch from Week 15 when the Jets won for the first time ever in Pittsburgh 22-17.

This is the matchup I’d personally want to watch the most. Not only because I am a Jets fan, but because after seeing the way Rex Ryan fleeced Tom Brady, I would love to see what kind of defensive schemes he comes up with to deal with Aaron Rodgers and all those Green Bay receivers. The Jets were shut out at home when they played Green Bay on Halloween, but the held Rodgers out of the end zone and to his lowest passing total of the season. With the Jets offense together and clicking, this could be a very exciting Super Bowl.

This is probably the best matchup that we could still see in the Super Bowl. A high-octane offense that is firing on all cylinders against a brutally tough defense. What Pittsburgh does best is stop the run, but the Packers don’t necessarily need a running game to win. They’ve won seven games this year when their leading rusher gained less than 60 yards on the ground. Aaron Rodgers is good enough and mobile enough that he can march the Packers up and down the field without a viable run option. I think the Jets secondary is better equipped to handle the Packers tremendous receiving corp and that’s why the Packers should be rooting to see Big Ben in the Super Bowl.

Another regular season re-match under this scenario. The Bears won a shootout at home, but I seriously doubt that Rex Ryan allows that to happen twice in a season, especially with extra time to prepare. Chances are also good that Matt Forte doesn’t rush for 100 yards again, as Rex Ryan defenses have allowed that to happen only twice in the past two years. I’d expect a Bears-Jets Super Bowl to be significantly more defensive than their first meeting was.

A Pittsburgh-Chicago Super Bowl would be an intense and hard-hitting affair between two teams that would be more comfortable on a frozen tundra than in Jerry Jones’ phenomenal palace. Still while past sense would tell us to expect run-heavy approaches by both teams, recent transpiring would tell us to watch for a whole lot of Big Ben and Jay Cutler. Both QBs have big arms and a lot of targets.


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