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Obama’s Priority: Underestimate Terrorism

One of the first things Obama did as President was order the closing of Guantanamo Bay. This move is at best, a risky one and at worst a disastrous one. It’s also a move made by a President that either has no clue or does not care. Or both. And by risk, I don’t mean a political risk because this move simply satisfies the people that supported him.

Rather, it’s our national security that Obama is risking within a week of in office. The criminals held in the detention center aren’t there for their health. It isn’t a day spa. They are dangerous enemies of the United States that pose a threat to our country.

Obama spewed some baloney about the detainees being denied their “Constitutional Rights” as the reason he’s closing Gitmo. Something else was said about the presence of Guantanamo Bay damages our country’s image worldwide.

And I buy none of it.

Guantanamo Bay holds prisoners that nobody else wants. The United States does the world a favor by holding these inmates and preventing them from committing further crimes. Once prisoners are removed from Guantanamo Bay, nobody wants them. Not even their home countries. Not everything can be solved with words, and sometimes hard punishment is the only way to control certain peoples. If what goes on at Gitmo keeps America safe, then so be it. Fine by me.

The next thing of bother that Obama’s trying to pass off is the fact that their Constitutional rights are being denied. Alright, perhaps a valid argument except for one large problem. The rights of the US Constitution are held for citizens of the United States and not enemy combatants who have no rights by our Constitution.

I wonder if Obama has ever been to Guantanamo Bay or spoken with anyone that guards it’s walls. I’m led to believe that he hasn’t because he seems to be overlooking several important facts about the place.

First, the detainees don’t care about their phantom Constitutional rights because their goal is to fulfill some weird Jihad by becoming a martyr by dying while killing infidel Americans of die by execution in an infidel’s prison. It’s a weird religion, don’t ask me.

Th guy that planned 9/11 – Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told his lawyers he wanted to plead guilty to every charge brought against him because that meant he would be executed and in turn, fulfill his Jihad. And that means he’d get 72 virgins and a trip to sit by Mohammed .. the original one.

Secondly, as I already touched on, no one wants them. No location in the States want them. So where are they going to go if they can’t stay at Guantanamo Bay? Everybody understands that these rogues cause more problems than they’re worth and are grateful that America is willing to put them up.

Thirdly, valuable information has been obtained from these people through interrogations that has stopped additional attacks against our country. Because of security reasons, every tidbit of information that we’ve gotten out of these scumbags can’t be released to the public, so we won’t ever really know exactly how valuable all this information is. But suffice to say that it’s significant.

Lastly, these people are not rehabilitatable. They are not. Releasing these people on the basis of mental rehabilitation just allows them to return to doing exactly what we captured them for in the first place.

Within his first week in office, Obama has demonstrated a desire to maintain a high approval rating from bumbling idiots instead of upholding the Oath he took (twice) to protect this country. To him, the perceived rights of our enemies are more important than the actual rights of US citizens.

Closing Gunatanamo Bay shows that Obama doesn’t actually view terrorism as a very real and very serious threat to our Nation’s Security. He claimed to be concerned about “defeating the enemy” in his Inauguration speech, but obviously that is not his intent at all. Obama ignoring a real and dangerous threat will do nothing but satisfy his mislead supporters and allow terrorist to rebuild and strengthen themselves for additional attacks on US soil and ideals.

Cleaning Up The Mess

Tuesday was the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States. Wednesday is when Barack Obama and Chief Justice Roberts accurately finished the Oath of Office.

If you watched the inauguration coverage (which I didn’t) you’ll know that there were over 1 million people in attendance. However, as you can see from the picture below, liberals are not a clean people.


And with the inauguration we begin four years of what I expect to be one giant trash pick up. When liberals come together, whether it’s at the National Mall and the Lincoln Memorial or in the Senate and the White House, one can generally expect a ton of garbage for other people to clean up.

Obama is this nation’s savior to everyone of his supporters and we’re already hearing that if he ends up not being that all-knowing greatness, then it’s Bush’s fault.

Obama promises immediate relief and plenty of new jobs with his $825 million stimulus plan, but the reality (read, truth) is that it probably won’t have and effect until 2012. If it has any effect at all. And someone’s eventually going to have to clean that up.

Last time a President attempted to assuage America’s economy with this much government interference we needed a World War to come around to clean up FDR’s dump. Guess what was higher in 1940 than it was in 1932. Starts with “un” and ends with “employment”.

Who knows if Obama will pay enough attention to be able to avoid leaving behind an enormous mess for someone else to clean up? Bigger government undeniably results in bigger problems for Americans. Ronald Reagan had it right in his inauguration speech:

In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.

More government is absolutely NOT the answer to whatever problems our country may have. Jimmy Carter didn’t know that. Obama doesn’t seem to realize it either. So far, Obama’s Presidency has been less than impressive .. the trashed Mall, the goofed Oath, a run-of-the-mill Inaugural speech and the stimulus that ultimately will stimulate nothing.

Please realize that just because I said I hoped Obama’s Presidency would be a smashing success, doesn’t mean I am disallowed from criticizing him. The media may not be required to present negative points of view on Barack Obama, but I got out of journalism for a reason.

Don’t miss tomorrow when I tear Obama apart for ordering Gitmo closed. There’s a reason why Al Qaeda endorsed Obama.

Barack Obama’s Inauguration

I won’t be watching the Presidential Inauguration tomorrow, or any coverage or discussion about it. Question me all you want, but I’ve got my reasons.

Many people are tabbing tomorrow’s inauguration as one of significant historical proportions. And in some regards, I guess that America electing the first African-American President is reason for celebration. And it comes the day after Martin Luther King Day. Whoopee.

But as an American voter who cast his ballot based on political qualifications, tomorrow’s inauguration is not a historical one at all. There have been Democrats sworn into office before Barack Obama and I’m positive that he won’t be the last.

Many people voted in this election based at least somewhat on race, and therefore see Barack Obama as an African-American first, and a politician second. But in my eyes, race takes a backseat when it comes to evaluating politicians.

If that’s what’s most important to you, then congratulations. Watch and enjoy tomorrow’s festivities. That’s what you wanted and tomorrow, you’ll have it.

Good thing the thing Obama seems most concerned about is the fairness of college football’s playoff system? Glad that’ll be taken care of soon, but it’s okay if Osama Bin Laden lives.

Andy’s 23rd & Alyssa’s 21st

I drove out to Athens to help two of my friends celebrate their birthdays. Andy turned 23 and Alyssa turned 21. We drank a little, played some games but really just hung out and caught up with each other one last time before we all head back to our respective colleges and jobs. Garrett Shadoan was there as well, a buddy I hadn’t seen in probably over a year and he and I had a great time catching up.

Me and Alyssa

Me and Garrett

Carl Pavano, A True New York Yankee Story

Carl Pavano signed a one-year deal with the Cleveland Indians last week, ending a four-year stay with the New York Yankees. His four years in New York were primarily spent on the disabled list, and only briefly interrupted by pitching.

In honor of this all-too-welcome departure, I thought I’d chronicle Pavano’s time with the Yankees. But on second thought, four years of happenings seemed like way too much work for a kid on Christmas Break. Then on third thought, four years in Pavano time isn’t actually that long when translated to actual working time, so I figured I’d give it a go.

December 20, 2004: Carl Pavano signs a 4-year contract with the Yankees worth $39.95 million, despite receiving larger offers from the Boston Red Sox and the Cincinnati Reds.

April 5, 2005: Pavano makes his New York debut, allowing two runs in 6.1 innings in a 4-3 win over Boston.

April 10, 2005: Pavano lasts only two innings against Baltimore in a 7-2 loss.

April 15, 2005: Pavano one-downs himself by allowing seven runs in an 8-1 loss to Baltimore.

April 20 – May 22, 2005: Pavano goes 4-0 over seven starts, including a complete game shutout.

May 28 – June 22, 2005: Pavano goes 0-4 over his next seven starts.

June 27, 2005: Pavano injures his right shoulder in a start against Baltimore, and is done for the rest of the season. He finishes his first season as a Yankee with a 4-6 record and a 4.77 ERA in 17 starts.

August 28, 2005: In an article published on my birthday, Pavano was quoted as saying he enjoyed playing the guitar.

Even though I’m really good now,” Pavano said, “I wasn’t always this great. It’s a dangerous instrument to learn and I went weeks without playing it as a kid when I got blisters. I even strained my groin pretty bad during a performance of Take My Breath Away, from Top Gun. I was good, but I really wish I could sing it like Jessica Simpson does. Man, she’s good.”

September 12, 2006: The Yankees announced they expected Pavano to be healthy and ready for the 2006 season. In the time it took me to write that last sentence, Carl Pavano earned $5,000.

January 14, 2006: Pavano announced he would not play in the inaugural World Baseball Classic. He said he had no country to play for since Punkjerkland decided not to participate in the tournament.

February 28, 2006: Pavano lands on the disabled list after bruising his buttocks in a Spring Training game. No, not kidding. He bruised his buttocks. Details were never released regarding the nature of the injury. I suspected Pavano was too enthusiastic with his new Pilates: How To Get A Perky Butt video.

May 10, 2006: Pavano has surgery to remove a bone chip from his right elbow.

May 11, 2006: Pavano was disciplined for taking a swing at Kyle Farnsworth when Farnsy called Pavano a “Donkey Kong Barrel Thrower”. Pavano is apparently quite superstitious about people talking about him throwing things, because it increases the likelihood of him re-injuring himself.

August 15, 2006 – 1PM: Pavano makes his first minor league rehab start for Class-A Tampa, tossing four scoreless innings.

August 15, 2006 – 10PM: To celebrate his successful return to the mound, Pavano totals his 2006 Porsche, causing $30,000 damage to his car, $20,000 damage to the tractor trailer he rammed and $10,000 to his supermodel passenger.

August 28, 2006: The Yankees inform Pavano they’re recalling him to the Majors, and he informs them he broke two ribs in a car accident two weeks ago.

September 15, 2006: Pavano suffers a forearm strain in his haste to sign the lease on the new Porsche he purchased to replace the one he totaled.

February 27, 2007: Yankee pitcher Mike Mussina said that Pavano needed to prove that he wanted to pitch for the team. Mussina said he does not believe he is the only Yankee who feels this way. The Yankee fanbase said “duh”

April 2, 2007: Pavano is the Yankees Opening Day Starter, allowing five runs in four innings to the then-terrible Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

April 15, 2007: Pavano is placed on the disabled list with an elbow strain.

May 23, 2007: Pavano opts for Tommy John surgery on his right elbow.

September 1, 2007: Pavano is in Tampa for rehab and has not wrecked any cars this time.

December 2, 2007: The Yankees ask Pavano to accept a minor league contract to clear space on their 40-man roster, Pavano’s agent, Tom O’Connell, stated that he would consider the request, but he later turned it down.

January 28, 2008 With his rehab progressing quicker than expected, Pavano begins exploring the options for having Tommy John surgery on his left (non-throwing) arm as well. Pavano issued the following statement:

Because of the Tommy John surgery, I didn’t have to throw a baseball for like six months. Oh my god I love baseball. I get paid millions of dollars a year to be on a baseball team. The only thing I hate about it is when they want me to play. Why don’t they just let me stay home by myself so I can memorize Fall To Pieces, by Avril Lavigne? Everything’s so Complicated.

January 31, 2008: A Carl Pavano autographed baseball goes for $39.95 on eBay. Ironic, or pathetic?

February 6, 2008: Carl Pavano arrives in Tampa and begins to play catch. After his first 8-minute session of short toss, he walks over to the Powerade cooler. He pours himself a cup without incident, but chokes a little as some of the Gatorade reportedly “went down the wrong pipe.” The resultant cough strained Pavano’s right oblique muscle.

February 17, 2008: Pavano leaves the Spring Training Complex wearing a “Bongs, Not Bombs” t-shirt. He is speaking to a class of fourth-graders about non-violent solutions.

March 15, 2008: Pavano’s agent calls his client a “1-2 starter” and says those types of pitchers “don’t grow on trees.” Yankee fans assume by “1-2 starter” that the agent meant how many starts per year Pavano makes.

July 29, 2008: Pavano makes his first rehab start for the Charleston RiverDogs.

August 5, 2008: Joba Chamberlain lands on the disabled list along with fellow uber-hyped prospects Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy. Carl Pavano is told to stop pretending to be the minor league strength and conditioning coach.

August 20, 2008: Pavano is scheduled to return to the Yankees the following week when owner George Steinbrenner overrules a calling of random numbers to let fans pitch.

August 23, 2008: Pavano gets the win by allowing three runs in five innings against Baltimore. Gets bonus point for drilling Kevin Millar in the butt.

September 14, 2008: Pavano went 5.1 innings and allowed four runs before suffering a hip injury in when he landed oddly on his delivery. Blamed the injury on Mike Mussina’s affection for hip-hop music.

September 26, 2008: Carl Pavano lasted less than four innings and gave up five runs in his final “Screw You” to Yankee fans.

December 10, 2008: According to a report, the Yankees don’t want to offer free agent pitcher AJ Burnett five guaranteed years. Carl Pavano offered his opinion on the matter:

They (the Yankees) should just give him a fifth year. If I had five years on my contract, I’d have showed everybody. Four years just isn’t enough time to get ready to pitch.

January 6, 2009: Carl Pavano signs a one-year, $1.5 million deal with the Cleveland Indians, with another $5.3 million attainable through incentives.

Stafford & Moreno Declare For NFL Draft

UGA quarterback and running back tandem Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno declared themselves eligible for the NFL draft earlier today.

For Moreno, I think it’s the right call. Running backs have historically shorter careers in the NFL than quarterbacks do, so getting as many carries on Sunday rather than Saturday bodes well for Moreno, financially speaking. I also believe that the NCAA-to-NFL transition is easier for running backs than it is for quarterbacks.

Stafford has been a three year starter for Georgia, and his numbers have gotten significantly better each year. That trend, plus his projection of being the top-rated quarterback this year, probably made the decision rather easy for him. Although I believe that one more year in college would be beneficial for him. I saw him play in person only once this year (his 407 yard, 5 TD game against Georgia Tech), but even in that kind of dominant performance, it was evident that his decision-making could benefit from one more year in the SEC.

His inconsistency is acceptable and expected from a kid not yet of legal drinking age. UGA’s bowl game was Stafford’s career in four quarters. He was terrible in the first half and then close to spectacular after the intermission. In that game, he rolled out of the pocket to his right after OT Clint Boling was beat pretty badly. Instead of lofting the ball out of bounds, Stafford was dragged down inside his own five yard line, luckily keeping hold of the ball. Next time, he’ll know better.

In the Tech game, he forced a pass into multiple coverage and had his pick returned 30 or 40 yards for a score. He has flashes of brilliance, but also fights bouts of inconsistency as well.

I’m pretty sure that both Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno will have pretty good NFL careers. I’m just thinking that Stafford’s would be a little better, even if it’s a year delayed, by staying one more year at the University of Georgia.