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Super Bowl Halftime Show Suggestions

Last night’s Super Bowl Halftime performance has generally been receiving negative reviews, and perhaps for good reason. I certainly did not think it was a spectacular performance by any means, but it wasn’t the worst halftime show ever and it was certainly better than Christina Aguilera’s attempt at the National Anthem.

The Black Eyed Peas aren’t a bad group, but they make a better record than they do a live performance. I thought Slash and Usher were nice touches and for the most part, the problems came from whoever was running the sound. The color-changing outfits the dancers had on weren’t terrible but I thought the mash-up of BEP songs could have been smoother. Fergie kind of murdered Sweet Child Of Mine too.

Rumors have already started to circulate about the halftime show for the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis. I’ve heard everything from Mellencamp to Metallica.

The Muppets
Nobody dislikes the Muppets. Throw the whole lineup of puppets out there and have them do chart-topping hits for 20 minutes. Nothing is off limits with the Muppets who can do everything from a nice ballad by Kermit to harder stuff with Animal rocking the drums.

Some people may argue that it would be hard to dream up an entertaining show with Muppets, but the could enter from the roof or from below stage, and you could bring back hundreds of dancers to fill up the field. Statler and Waldorf could be stuck in the upper deck or on a Jumbotron somewhere. The Muppets could really work.

I will admit that I was skeptical about Riverdance at first. My parents had the DVD but I never watched it — how exciting could it possibly be? But I went to the show when we were in Ireland and now I can’t understand how anybody could be opposed to it.

Music doesn’t come much catchier and up-tempo and the choreographed footwork is a spectacular sight to watch live.

Gettin There
Previously known as the JB Trio, this upstart band is on their way to stardom! With one heckuva guitar player and average-to-below-average players filling out the bass, drums and keyboards, Gettin’ There is surely but slowly getting there. The band plays mostly classic rock, but throws together wonderful covers of popular pop songs for a younger audience. Ke$ha’s Tik Tok and Iyaz’s Replay are band favorites. New blood is a nice safe bet for a Super Bowl halftime show, plus I hear they play for cheap. Just have to hope the bass player shows up!

Black History Month

Today marks the beginning of Black History Month. For the past two February’s, I’ve been much less aware of the month’s significance because I have graduated college and moved off campus, away from Black student governments that have way too much money.

I’m not a fan of black history month. I think it’s a commercially invented phenomenon that is not that different from something like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. If you truly care about something, you don’t need to set aside a time to feature it – you live it every day. Sure going out for a nice dinner on Mother’s Day is nice, but there are 364 other days in the year when she’s still your mother.

People complain about the racism that still exists in our country and to an extent, those people are right. But it’s also those people that do the most to perpetuate negative stereotypes. Consider the following experience — I was on the phone with an individual while at my work the other day and refused this individual an opportunity to come serve community service hours in the office with me. When I did, she immediately responded with “You can’t stop me from working with you because I’m black!”

No, I calmly told her, I could not. But I could refuse her because she is an unpleasant individual, which has nothing to do with her race. She angrily called me a racist and hung up. Racism has evolved from a serious issue in America to a crutch that people use when they fail at something or a situation turns out contrary to how they believe it should.

Morgan Freeman was on 60 minutes recently and echoed my sentiments nearly exactly.

He’s absolutely right. What other race, religion or cultural group has their history relegated to one month? Sure, Barack Obama designated a month Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, but can you name what month that is off the top of your head? I couldn’t. What is the point of calling attention to something if you are doing so for the wrong reasons? Celebrating one’s history and culture isn’t a bad thing, but it also shouldn’t take a government proclaimed date to get people to appreciate it.