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Voter ID Now Validated

The Supreme Court ruled that states can require picture identification before allowing anyone to vote.

This upsets the left.

Why? Because the left, particularly Democrats, depend on illegally cast votes for their future power. That’s partly why Democrats don’t want to do anything to curb the Hispanic Invasion. Remember Loretta Brixey? If you don’t, maybe you’ll recall Loretta Sanchez. It’s the same person. In 1994, she ran unsuccessfully for the 46th district in southern California, and ran again in 1996. This time, she changed her last name to “Sanchez” and beat six-time incumbent Bob Dornan. When the Republicans asked for an investigation of the thousands of illegal votes that were cast (more votes than registered voters) the Democrats cried racism.

Racism: The Great Democratic Refuge.

Back to now. When the Democrats tried to kill this in Indiana, they couldn’t find any legal Indiana resident that would be prevented from voting by a low requiring a picture ID. Doesn’t it just suck when Democrats can’t find victims?

Just to let you know, Justice Souter (a traditionally liberal voter) made some remark in his dissent about the “right to vote”. There is no right to vote. You’d think that a Justice of our Supreme Court would know that.

The Lottery Idea

We all know that not everyone who votes in this country is responsible to cast an intelligent vote. I’ve been a supporter of a voter qualification test (somewhat like a driving test) that would test would-be voters on basic political and American knowledge. Don’t know who the first President was? You shouldn’t be deciding who runs this country. Can’t locate Iraq on a map? You shouldn’t be ripping a candidate who wants to send troops there.

But here’s another idea to eliminate some of the voters of questionable intelligence. At every polling place, voters will start in one line, but they will reach a point where that line splits. If you go to the right, you get to fill out a ballot and vote. If you go to the left, then you receive 5 free lottery tickets. If you take the lottery tickets, you don’t vote. The people who would choose the lottery tickets would be exactly the people we don’t want voting anyway.

Questioning Barack Obama

I don’t get why Barack Obama has become the apple of the left’s eye, but he has. The left has fallen head over heels in love with this man and Barack Obama plays right into that.

But why do they love him? What does anyone really know about this first-time Senator from Illinois and President hopeful? Particularly in the last few weeks, his patriotism and love for the country have been questioned. His speeches are filled with subtle and unwarranted elitism.

From the onset of his campaign, the media has been Obama’s biggest ally, focused on trashing Hillary Clinton and ignoring Mr. Obama’s shortcomings for the most part. But now, the media has started trying to find out who the real Barack Obama is and what he really feels. And that apparently doesn’t sit right with Obama. In the Democrat debate last week when when moderators asked hard questions about his association, his racists and elitist statements and his unwillingness to show allegiance to the flag, Obama complained about this treatment. He should simply be thankful that he had been given such a free pass up to this point.

He complained that the first hour of the debate the “issues” concerning Americans were not covered. You know what? Your patriotism and allegiance to this country ARE issues during this campaign. You want to forgo allegiance to the flag, that’s fine, this is America after all, but you can expect that we’re going to drill you with questions about that. We’re not all ignorant followers of the cult that is America’s Democratic Party. We have every right to know what someone that wants to be our President thinks and feels about our country, whom he or she associates with and whether all these things will have an adverse influence on how he or she will lead this country.

Here in America we expect our President to place their hand over their heart and recite the pledge of allegiance. We expect our President to bless America, not damn it. And we expect our President to not to act in an elitist way towards people because they choose to exercise their right to own a gun, as extended to them by the Second Amendment of our Constitution. When we find that an associate brags about terrorist attacks on this Nation we demand answers as to why that person is still considered a friend. When a candidates wife claims that she is proud of our country for the first time because her husband is running for President, why would we want that woman as our First Lady? At no time in the last 44 years has American been a country to be proud of? Sounds like a good candidate to move out of the country. We have every right to question the judgement of a candidate who remains in a church for 20 years and only after regular Americans condemn its doctrine does he claim not to know the doctrine or remember what the preacher said.

Mr. Obama if you are going to continually complain that Americans are not hearing the issues, then start answering the questions that we take issue with! Please explain why you speak out about racism and terrorism, but then turn around and associate with racists and terrorists. Explain why you won’t pledge the American flag, or why you look down on small American towns that believe differently than you. Then explain to us why you cannot deal except in generalities with the very issues that you think should be talked about and then we might listen.

Your complaining about how you are treated by the media that has had you sitting at the kiddie table so far, constantly gives you free pass after free pass just doesn’t cut it with me. If you’re whining about this now, just you wait until the fall and even more citizens are watching you and demanding answers about our character and the issues you claim you stand so strong for. If you continue to avoid these questions now, they’ll kill you later.

Speeches that mesmerize women and general statements amount to nothing when we look for a President to lead this nation. Character, love of our country, fairness for ALL Americans and associations with people who pray for God’s blessing on our country and look at our flag with respect for what it stands for and those who have given their life defending that flag and the nation it represents are what we as Americans look for in a President of the United States.

And thus far, you have shown none of these qualities or qualifications. Perhaps that’s because you don’t have these qualities and don’t understand the qualifications that Americans prefer in a Presidential candidate. That may be the elitism kicking in again.

I don’t want you to don a lapel pin, I’d rather you explain why you don’t wear one.

Today’s Idiot: Bob Watson

Bob Watson is Major League Baseball’s vice president in charge of discipline and vice president of rules and on-field operations. He dishes out suspensions and fines for players and managers.

The other day, he suspended Kyle Farnsworth for 3 games and fined him $2,000 for throwing a pitch behind Manny Ramirez. Watson decided that Farnsworth was throwing at Manny’s head because Manny had hit two homers earlier in the game. And since he supposedly wants to cut back on head-hunting, he disciplined him.

However, just a day before Farnsworth’s pitch, Boston reliever David Aardsma drilled Alex Rodriguez high up on the back after Rodriguez had hit a home run in the game. And Aardsma wasn’t suspended, fined or criticized by ESPN. Normally, I don’t mind my Yankees getting suspended for hitting someone, but over the past few years, it’s getting ridiculous.

Here’s some stats for you and perhaps Bob Watson needs to look at these as well.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, since 2002 Yankee batters have been hit 69 times by Red Sox pitchers as opposed to 48 Red Sox hit by Yankee hurlers. That’s 21 more times the Yankees have been hit by Boston pithers than vice versa.

But the figures are even more dramatic when you narrow it down to just the primary combatants, Jeter, Rodriguez, Ramirez and David Ortiz.

Over that same six-year span, Jeter has been plunked 12 times by Red Sox pitchers and A-Rod 10 times. By contrast, Yankee pitchers have hit Manny only three times and “Big Papi” has never been hit by the Yankees.

The Yankees attempt to prove their point by trying to win games. Boston seems to try and prove their point by drilling the opposing players, and focusing on the Yankees most valuable players.

I’m becoming a little tired of seeing Jeter flinch every time he gets drilled by a Boston pitcher and nothing happening. But when a Yankee pitcher throws a pitch that doesn’t hit anyone, he gets suspended for three games and fined $2,000? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

This works in detriment to the Yankees. Ortiz and Manny are way to comfortable at the plate when they face the Yankees and a couple of pitches inside would make them more uncomfortable. I guess if you don’t want to get suspended by MLB, Yankee pitchers will have to hit Manny and Ortiz and then use the typical Boston excuse of “we were just trying to pitch inside.”

In 10 Words Or Less – 4/15/08

I’ve come to the conclusion that doing Power Rankings before the All-Star break is really quite useless. The Yankees were 21-29 after 50 games last year and ended up with the third highest win total in the majors. It’s quite difficult to compare teams when they’re playing an unbalanced schedule and it’s not yet May. Because of this and a couple of select Cardinal fans, until the All-Star game, I’ll substitute my Top 15 teams with a “10 Words Or Less” series. I’ll simply give you my thoughts on each team in no more than ten words.

Orioles (8-5): Party like it’s 1997. First place won’t last.
Red Sox (8-6): Two bloop singles raises Papi’s average 34 points
Blue Jays (7-6): If BJ Ryan returns to form, Jays serious contender.
Yankees (7-7): Questions surprisingly on offense, not pitching. Brutal April schedule.
Rays (6-7): Harder for me to like these guys when they win.

Royals (8-5): What the hell happened to Grienke and Bannister?
White Sox (7-5): Better than expected, Ozzie still needs to go.
Twins (6-7): I’m still shocked at the package they took for Johan.
Indians (5-8): Would be in first if not for Joe Borowski.
Tigers (3-10): Take that ESPN. How’s that World Series pick looking?

Athletics (9-5): Rich Harden is Carl Pavano of the West.
Angels (8-6): Francisco Rodriguez upset at Angels. Couldn’t care less.
Mariners (6-8): Bedard trade looking stupider and stupider. And stupider.
Rangers (5-8): Same ol’, same ol’.

Marlins (7-5): Hmm. Surprising.
Phillies (6-7): Got hot last year, not hot now.
Mets (5-6): Santana hitting almost as well as Reyes.
Braves (5-7): Glavine never been on DL. But hurt now.
Nationals (4-9): Lo Duca sorry, still a jerk.

Cardinals (9-4): Played the NL’s 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th best teams.
Brewers (8-4): 6,983 fans will pee their pants if Brewers make playoffs.
Cubs (7-5): Heard of pitchers hitting water coolers, but bubble gum trays?
Pirates (7-6): Ian Snell on fantasy team. Hope he continues pitching well.
Reds (6-7): Better than Astros at least.
Astros (5-8): Kaz Matsui out with anal fissures. Gross.

Diamondbacks (9-4): Best team in baseball. Period.
Padres (7-6): Greg Maddux continues to impress me with his stuff, maturity.
Giants (6-8): Zito chose 75 because it made shelf for his name.
Rockies (5-7): See Phillies.
Dodgers (5-8): Joe Torre not helping. Outfield crowded

Today’s Idiot: Curt Schilling

Welcome to Today’s Idiot Curt Schilling! As a perennial Idiot, you should welcome this prestigious honor.


Earlier this year, Curt Schilling was diagnosed with a shoulder injury which his doctors and the team doctors were at odds over how to fix. Schilling and his doctors wanted to undergo surgery immediately to fix the problem, while Boston wanted Schilling to simply rehab the shoulder and return after the All-Star break. Schilling’s only got a one-year deal, so his future is most definitely up in the air.

WBZTV had this on their website the other day:

Will Curt Schilling pitch for the Red Sox again? His personal doctor says probably not – and he could finish his career in New York.

Dr. Craig Morgan told ESPN Radio in Philadelphia Monday that, in his opinion, Schilling will not be back to pitch in Boston this season.

“Not only that, it’s my opinion he’s angry enough that it’s entirely conceivable even though he’s 40 years old, it’s entirely conceivable that he will have the operation, rehab, and pitch for the Yankees next year,” Morgan said.

There has been no comment from Schilling, the Red Sox, or the Yankees.

Well, Curt Schilling responded to his doctor’s claims.

Me wearing pinstripes, regardless of what point of the season or my career it would have been, is not an option,” said Schilling, I can’t … think back to having that conversation specifically … it’s not an option. Never has been an option.”

Hmm .. taken at face value, this quote seems like the Yankees are actively pursuing Schilling’s services and Schilling is rebuking them.

Oh Curt…

It take two to tango. The Yankees have no, and never had any interest in Curt Schilling. Nobody in Yankeeland ever wanted you to pitch for them in the past, nor do they want you to pitch for them in the future.

You’re a washed up ballplayer that ate his career away in its final stages, just as you were making a case to be in the HOF. Now, you’re simply “that guy” who needed weight-based incentives worked into his contract (a contract that your loyal Red Sox have repeatedly tried to void). Quit embarrassing yourself, stop thinking about the Yankees, and concentrate on getting healthy again (which probably won’t happen).


The Yankee Bullpen

We’ll talk about the bullpen right now, because they’ve showed up for the season so far. Can’t say the same for the offense. I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with the Yankees bullpen this year. I hate the way it was put together and am growing weary of some pitchers, specifically Kyle Farnsworth and LaTroy Hawkins. Just because they’re “veterans” doesn’t mean they belong on this team. Listen Hank, you’re the Yankees, you can afford to eat the $8 million you’d lose if you cut them.

The Yankee bullpen has been used a lot early on this year, which is in line with the norm from the past few years. Despite that extensive use, the bullpen has posted a respectable ERA of 3.34 in 35 innings so far. Take out the contributions of Farnsworth and Hawkins and the bullpen ERA plummets to 1.09 in 24.2 innings.

When Girardi took over this team, he made the following statement:

I’m not a big believer that you need big league experience to be successful.

And then he proceeds to keep Kyle Farnsworth and LaTroy Hawkins over more deserving Scott Patterson and Jon Albaladejo. I’ve heard the reasoning that those two provide a mentoring voice for the younger relief pitchers, but that’s not a good enough reason for me. Who could provide more veteran leadership than Mariano Rivera?

When Andy Pettitte was activated from the DL a week ago, it was Albaladejo who was sent down after 2.2 scoreless innings. Not LaTroy Hawkins of the 31.50 ERA.

Farnsworth has looked better this year, although Girardi’s experiment to use him a second innings proved disastrous yesterday. He’s a one-inning pitcher at this point, and that’s it. He loses velocity from his fastball and bite on his slider after one inning of work, and therefore is useless.

Scott Patterson must be sitting in AAA wondering what else he has to do to earn a promotion over these losers. He pulled himself out of the Independent League last year and posted an ERA just above one in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre last year and then retired 24 of the 25 Major League hitters he faced in Spring Training.

The only silver lining I see here is that both Farnsworth and Hawkins have one year remaining on their respective deals, for $5.5MM and $3MM respectively. Those are high salaries for mediocre relief pitchers, but since they’re for only one year, they should be reasonably easy to trade to a team in desperate need of relief pitching at the deadline. And even if they can’t swap them for anything, they’ll be off the books in 2009. Thank goodness.

Today’s Idiot: Barack Obama

You knew it was coming. It had to be. This guy is so frustratingly liberal that he couldn’t avoid this series forever. So here he is making his Today’s Idiot debut.


If you have a TV, radio, newspaper or any other type of news media, you’ll know that Barack Obama has been taking some heat lately for not being patriotic enough, and for good reason. So he’s taken to peppering speeches with explicit statements on his love of country.

I stand by my claim that Barack Obama is nothing more than a charismatic campaign speech. I haven’t seen much substance from his campaign or from the candidate himself. Obama can talk about how much he loves the country, but patriotism isn’t something you claim. It’s something you show.


Start with the truth. Hillary’s the chronic liar for the Democratic Party Mr. Obama, and she tells enough whoppers for the both of you. You don’t need to join in too. What’s that? Fine, fine. You can lie through your teeth too.

Obama claims that he’s the only one who doesn’t take contributions from Washington lobbyists.

But I’m not stupid Barack, even I know that not all lobbyists are in Washington. Now your supporters probably don’t realize that there are state-based lobbyists which you do take money from, like say, Tom Daschle.

But as long as he’s talking about “racism” the liberal news media doesn’t care about their poster-boy’s untruthful antics. Remember that whole “racism” speech he gave? Highly overvalued. For a man that claims a lineage of all colors and multiple continents that speech was sadly black and white. If I knew nothing of American history, I’d think that only African-Americans suffered from prejudice in America. No mention of the Chinese workers imported to California during the railroad constructions or even the Native American sufferings.

While Obama’s speech applauded by many, I see as misleading and self-serving. A ploy to appeal and get sympathy from super-delegates and maintain the ones he has. It certainly does not even come close to any of the great speeches of MLK. Don’t insult the late Reverend.

If you’re going to have a speech on racism it has to be inclusive of all races, minorities and women that have suffered.


Barack Obama has attracted all the “give-me” voters in America, the ones worried about what the country can do to make their life more convenient rather than what they can do to make this country better.

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader: TJ Gresh

I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a new series and landed on this.

Nate’s Friends on Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? I was watching the show the other day for lack of quality programming, and decided that it’d be more interesting if my friends were on the show. So I’ll pick some of my facebook friends and put them on the show. Maybe I’ll take requests.

So here’s the season premiere. Please welcome to the show TJ Gresh.

PhotobucketMr. Gresh is a 21-year who graduated high school three years ago in Georgia and currently lives in his parent’s basement. TJ’s best subjects in school include Pirate Literature and Letter Opening. He enjoys playing video games and his favorite hobbies include measuring and Polish history. He has a secret crush on Zero-Suit Samus.

Let’s take a look at how Mr. Gresh fared on “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.”


TJ made it through the whole hour of the first show and halfway through a second, but only because he didn’t answer any questions and spent most of his time sitting at a desk with the 5th graders, eating color crayons. He saved one crayon in the box (although I’m not sure if he planned that or just got full) to make stick figure drawings of John Stamos which he proudly gave to Jeff Foxworthy and members of the studio audience.

Finally they demanded he answer a question. When they asked him a 3rd grade math question, instead of answering, he took the time to explain to the audience why he has a long-haired Chihuahua and how misunderstood they are. His explanation was long and heartfelt and he almost had the audience in tears until he interrupted himself….

He saw something shiny underneath one of the seats in the front row. It was a gum wrapper. He picked it up, put it in his mouth and was escorted off the set.


Mr. Gresh earned $0 in prize money will receive many great consolation prizes. Mr. Gresh will go home with a Karaoke machine, a limited edition Lego watch and $15 worth of gift certificates to the Gap.

Congratulations to Mr. Gresh for his showing on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. Tune in next week for a brand new episode.

Today’s Idiot: James Corbett

It’s been a while since I last provided you guys with an idiot, and I’ve resisted the urge to feature a certain pair of Mizzou student staff, but I’ve still got a doozy.


James Corbett is a high school teacher at a government school in California. A federal lawsuit has been filed demanding he be fired for making remarks during class that were decidedly anti-Christian.

Corbett told his students that “Jesus glasses” obscure the truth and suggested that Christians are more likely than other people to commit rape and murder.

He went on to put forth this beauty:

“What country has the highest murder rate? The South! What part of the country has the highest rape rate? The South! What part of the country has the highest rate of church attendance? The South!”

First off, I’m not entirely surprised that Mr. Corbett doesn’t know that the Confederates lost the Civil War, and therefore the South isn’t a separate country. The South is in the same country as The California.His entire rant was caught on a handheld tape recorder by a student.

As a Christian, I’m surprisingly not offended by this man. I’m not surprised that he’s employed by a government school, and I’m not surprised he’s so liberal and ignorant. If this had come from a well-respected and intelligent source, then I’d be somewhat offended. But since it came from some worthless piece of crap, I’m okay.What is a little disturbing is that the student’s original complaint was dismissed by the school district, requiring him to take his case to federal court. What gets me here is that whenever a minority is offended, some human right group or another is all over the incident, demanding sensitivity and retribution for the offended party. And the government schools demand it. But when it’s a white, Christian male that’s offended, the school district dismisses the complaint. If the offended party in this case was of another religion, the teacher would be considered a discriminatory racist. However, according to the teacher’s attorney and school district, Mr. Corbett was “not trying to offend anyone but to inspire his students to think.”

There’s something in there that reeks of double standard. It’s this type of occurrence that makes it difficult for me to feel sympathy when a minority case comes up. I fully understand that government schools can’t be counted on to hire competent or socially functional employees, so I can pass off Corbett’s actions as utter nonsense. But dismissing a student’s complaint, especially when they take the cause for lesser offenses against different groups is idiotic.The media will have us believe that it’s impossible for the majority to be wronged or offended. Not true, not true at all. The minorities simply don’t care about what the majority thinks.

The offended student says that if the school agrees to put Corbett through sensitivity training and requires him to apologize to the students he offended, then the family would consider dropping their lawsuit. That’s right kid, give ’em a taste of their own medicine.