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Getting Back To Music

A few months ago, my friend was looking for a fourth member to join a band that needed a keyboard player that could sing and play some acoustic guitar. That’s basically what my music talent enables me to do so when he asked me if I’d be interested I said why not.

We had our first gig last week, playing at the Canton County Fair. It wasn’t a huge ordeal, but it was a good sized gig for a band like ours. We weren’t great, but were were closer to great than we were terrible, at least we were in my opinion. We could have organized ourselves a little better and we’re much better musicians than we are comedians.

Anyways, the fair organizers asked us back next year and we just got a request to play at someone’s wedding in March of 2012. Any gig’s a good one, right?

When I was in high school, I played around writing some music, but never particularly liked anything that I wrote. I got involved with other things in college and music kind of fell by the wayside. There was that ill-advised attempt to start an accapella band and one solitary music class, but other than that, I cut music out of my routine. And for me, that was a little unfortunate.

I missed it.

Church choir is enjoyable enough, but it doesn’t challenge me musically like the band does. I’ve improved exponentially on the guitar, have improved my vocal range and become a passable piano player. As a band we do a lot of classic rock and contemporary pop songs. But Justin writes a good bit of original stuff and I decided I’d try my hand at songwriting. And it’s harder than I thought.

Everything I write sounds cheesy to me. Maybe I don’t have enough life experience to draw from. I know my best lyrics come from things I spend a lot of time doing – mainly, the STRIPES parody songs that drew national acclaim.

Whether or not I ever manage to churn out something that becomes part of our set-list who knows? But just getting back into a routine that includes music has made me immeasurably happier.