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Epic Battle Update – 05/25/09

I know this is three straight Epic Battle updates, and I promise to post something that’s more interesting and thought provoking between now and the next one.


Notes: A week of closely contested games ended up being rather lopsided. After holding a 12-3 lead as late as Friday, JT dropped from fifth to sixth by winning only six match-ups this week. Andy B moved into second place with a strong 10-win week over then-second place Kevin. TJ recorded his second consecutive winning week and inched closer to the break even point. The top two teams match up again with Andy B and Nathaniel going head-to-head. Both teams have been hot over the past two weeks with Andy B going 19-13 and Nathaniel 23-9.

Epic Battle Update – 5/18/09

I know it’s been a week since I posted anything, but I’ve been going through some tough stuff. Nothing that I can’t work out, but it’s taking time, some work and some prayer. But fantasy baseball rolls on and you have to take your lumps.


Notes: The highly anticipated #1 vs. #2 matchup didn’t live up to the hype it garnered, as Nathaniel ran through Kevin, winning 14 and losing only 3 matchups this week. JT continued his recent strong play, beating Jost 11-7 to move closer to the break-even mark. A closely-contested matchup between cousins Zachary and Andy saw the latter edge out the former on the last day. This week sees the hottest teams over the past two weeks square off with Nathaniel (21-11) and JT (23-10).

Epic Battle Update – 5/11/09


Notes: The Top 3 remained unchanged while the bottom of the league shuffled themselves around. An impressive 12-3-3 victory over TJ, jumped JT from last all the way up to fifth, and dropped TJ from fourth to seventh. After an impressive first three weeks, Nathaniel has dropped two in a row, but remains in second place, behind Kevin who has won four in a row.

In 10 Words Or Less – 05/05/09

Happy Cinco de Mayo! In celebration of this wonderful Mexican holiday, this week’s In 10 Words Or Less will be brought to you by the language, Spanish! Feliz Navidad de Mayo!


Arrendajos azules (18-10): Golpear dudoso contestar.
Calcetines rojos (16-10): 4-0 contra yanquis siempre agradable.
Yanquis (13-12): Primero 5 en corre a pesar de ningún Rodriguez, desplomándose Teixeira.
Rays (11-16): Evan Longoria el trato verdadero.
Las oropéndolas: Adam Jones hace valor de comercio de Bedard cada vez.

Real (15-11): Zach mutha freakin’ Greinke.
Tigres (13-12): Verlander, Willis girando aparentemente cosas alrededor.
Gemelos (13-13): Joe Mauer sano y rastrillar.
Calcetines blancos (12-13): Los cántaros han permitido sólo cuatro Homers.
Indios (10-16): Victor Martinez que produce como normal otra vez.

Navegantes (15-11): Golpear oportuno, el cabeceo Regio llave al plomo de la división.
Guardabosques (13-12): El alumbre de Mizzou Kinsler: yendo en bicicleta como Lance Armstrong.
Angels (11-13): Bobby Abreu que firma bueno hasta ahora.
Atletismo: (9-14) ¿Por lo menos Matt Holliday no es dolido, el derecho?

Marlins (15-11): Los jóvenes que echan tienen oponer azota la pesca.
Phillies (13-10): Ryan Howard grande.
Mets (11-13): La espalda de Beltran, no soplado guarda para Rodriguez más cerca.
Afronta (11-14): Jeff Francoeur no tan terrible como el año pasado.
Nacionals (7-17): Ryan Zimmerman y Adam Dunn impresionantes 3-4.

Cardinales (17-9): Comenzar cántaros tienen MLB-ALTO 14 victorias.
Cachorros (14-11): Es su época del año.
Cerveceros (14-12): Ryan Braun para pasar por encima de a bateadores menores.
Rojos (13-12): Johnny Cueto que se da cuenta de potencial.
Piratea (12-13): ¿Oye, ellos no están en último, el derecho?
Astros (11-15): El terreno no denominó Enron.

Marrulleros (19-8): Invicto en casa.
Gigantes (12-12): Lincecum que consigue caliente.
Espaldas diamantadas (11-15): No en posición terrible, golpear aún dado infortunios.
Capellanes (11-15): Comenzado 10-6, quizá hay más de ese juego.
Montañas rocosas (10-14): Imparmente, que rayó más corre que ellos han permitido.

Epic Battle Update – 5/4/09


Notes: The prime-time matchup between Ballance brothers did not disappoint, and Zachary won after a week of back-and-forth competition. Zachary jumped to an 11-0 lead after one day and held the lead until Nathaniel grabbed back an 8-6 lead on Friday. Zachary finished strong however, and grabbed 9 wins against only 6 losses.

Andy B bounced back from a tough week and beat JT 12-4-2 to move up into fourth place. Continuing a season tradition, a team managed by Walters holds down the fort in last place. However this week the son replaces the father as Mr. Walters moved up into seventh.

Kevin moved into a virtual tie for first with a strong week and the top half of the league got tighter.