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Today’s Idiot: Cathy Cruz Marrero

Today’s Idiot returns with a bloomin’ idiot! Cathy Cruz Marrero, a 49-year old Pennsylvania woman recently walked herself into a mall fountain. She had her nose buried in her cell phone texting a friend and walked straight into the water fountain in the middle of a shopping mall.

Surveillance footage of her short swim quickly made its way onto the internet and blew up YouTube. Despite being highly embarrassed and unidentifiable on the video, Ms. Cruz Marrero went on Good Morning America to complain about her accident and explain that she’s preparing a lawsuit, but she’s not sure who it will be against – and neither is her attorney.

Cruz Marrero complained to GMA that “Nobody [from the mall] called to see if I was okay.” I can only guess that is because people at the mall had to assume based on past experiences that Marrero is incapable of safely operating a telephone and did not want to risk any further injury or humiliation for the woman.

And while she and her legal team were more than happy to discuss Marrero’s poor treatment in regards to her mall fall, they would not comment on felony charges pending against her for credit card fraud.

Some Favorite YouTube Videos

Since I think they are funny, I decided to share some of my favorite YouTube videos. Enjoy!

I’m not a fan of Halloween at all, but the holiday does produce some entertaining clips!

This one’s got some NSFW language in it, but it sums up nicely my thoughts on Snuggies, and the commercials that pitch them.

I always appreciate a good mash-up, even more so when it uses 40 inspirational speeches in two minutes!

I loved The Dark Knight, but it did have some intriguing plot holes, which needed to be parodied.

Dear Mr. Obama

I found this video on YouTube, along with over 11 million other people.

It’s only about two minutes long, but it’s the most powerful commercial I’ve seen in this election season. I’m an issues voter, meaning that I support candidates that share my opinions on certain issues and not simply because of the candidate himself (or herself). I’m also probably a make-or-break voter, meaning that there are certain issues that if a candidate’s beliefs don’t line up with my own, then I can’t vote for him (or her). The abortion issue is probably the biggest deal-breaker for me.

It’s clear that Barack Obama does not understand the War in Iraq or even the United States military. He has an obvious disdain for the military and so it’s no wonder that a survey done by the US military (incorporating members from each branch of the service – Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines) found that service men and women support John McCain more than 3 to 1.

If I’m supporting the candidate that’s being endorsed by over 75% of the people that fight and sacrifice to defend the freedoms that I have, I can sleep easy at night.