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Con Te Partiro

Having just watched Step Brothers which was much better than I anticipated at plus-one star* I was reminded of the song Con Te Partiro, which was impressively performed by Will Ferrell, but most famously performed by Andrea Bocelli.

My new goal is to be able to sing that song, in the original Italian. I can do it in English, but it just doesn’t sound near as cool. I can’t speak Italian, but I like how it sounds and I’ve been to Italy enough to be able to get though Con Te Partiro with a passable Italian accent.

So that’s about it. There wasn’t really a point to this note other than to tell you that someday I’ll be able to do this in Italian.

*My movie rating system is simple – I rate the movie twice on a scale of one to five. Before I see a movie, I give it an expected rating based on what I’ve seen or heard about it. And then after I see the movie, I give it an actual rating. Step Brothers got an expected rating of two stars and an actual rating of three stars, hence the plus-one rating, which is pretty good.