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Key NCAAF Games – 10/18/08

(11)Missouri at (1)Texas
According to ESPN 61.3% of Americans think Missouri will upset Texas. And I’m with them. I don’t know what happened last week, but that wasn’t the Missouri offense I’ve watched all year. I think the offense will come back and Jeremy Maclin will take a kick back for a score. Missouri 37, Texas 35

(3)Penn State vs. Michigan
Penn State doesn’t seem like the third best team in the country and Michigan either sucks or plays great, so I think this game will be closer than anticipated. I’d put this game as an upset possibility, but ultimately I think Penn State stays undefeated. Penn State 24, Michigan 21

(2)Alabama vs. Ole Miss
I’m tired of picking Alabama games. So no pick this week.

(10)Georgia vs. (22)Vanderbilt
I guess Vanderbilt wasn’t as perfect as we thought they were after the Auburn game. They’ll get run over by UGA on the road and fall back out of the rankings. Georgia 27, Vanderbilt 12

(12)Ohio State at (20)Michigan State
Michigan State is a little underrated, but Ohio State will just continue to improve with a healthier Beanie Wells and a more experienced Terrelle Pryor. Ohio State 35, Michigan State 9

(16)Kansas at (4)Oklahoma
Ryan Reynolds’ absence from the middle of OU’s defense will allow Kansas to do more offensively than they would normally be able to. But Oklahoma still has enough weapons to beat a pretty good Kansas team. Oklahoma 48, Kansas 30

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Last Week’s Picks: 2-3
On the season: 13-4


My CFB Top 10 – 10/13/08

Another weekend, another trifecta of top 3 teams down. I have to address something first though, about the national polls. I understand USC is the premiere football program in the country. Pete Carroll, blah blah blah. But how in the world does anyone validate ranking them fourth in the country? They lost to an unranked Oregon State team!

1. Texas Longhorns (6-0, 2-0 Big 12)
Beat Oklahoma in a game that lived up to the hype. The offenses were there and Texas made the difference on special teams. Texas probably also found that game-changing back they needed. They should be heavy favorites against Missouri next week, and a win would give them a solid lead to winning the Big 12 South.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (6-0, 3-0 SEC)
The number one team lost while Alabama had their bye week, but they stay in the second position. They probably have one of the easier SEC schedules remaining and should be a pretty decent bet to win their division. They’re also in position to challenge for the National Championship, but anyone can upset anyone.

3. Penn State Nittany Lions (7-0, 3-0 Big 10)
Their offense didn’t disappoint, and the defense dominated a supposedly tough road game. The Big 10 isn’t what it once was, but JoePa’s boys are dominating every aspect of the game right now. Ohio State still looks a little vulnerable, but they’ll still put up a fight against Penn State.

4. Oklahoma State Cowboys (6-0, 2-0 Big 12)
The big winners of the week. By upsetting Missouri in Columbia, the Cowboys make the biggest jump in the polls. Their defense intercepted Chase Daniel twice three times and shut down the Tigers offense just enough to eek out a huge road win. But they still have Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech remaining, and the odds they burn through all three of those aren’t great.

5. Oklahoma Sooners (5-1, 1-1 Big 12)
The Texas-OU game was probably one of the better games we’ll see this season and losing to Texas isn’t the end of the world. They’ll need some help now if they want to win the Big 12 and lose in the Fiesta Bowl again, but it’s possible. One loss doesn’t end a season anymore.

6. Texas Tech Red Raiders (6-0, 2-0 Big 12)
I can’t wait to see what the likes of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas will do to this team that had to hold off a terrible Nebraska team at home in overtime. But college football is more than a beauty contest to me, and a win’s a win in my book.

7. Brigham Young Cougars (6-0, 2-0 MWC)
Cougars still undefeated, strength of schedule still atrocious.

8. Missouri Tigers (5-1, 1-1 Big 12)
Horrible call nonwithstanding, Missouri deserved to lose the Oklahoma State game. The offense disappeared, and it looked like both Chase Daniel and Jeremy Maclin were a little beat up. There were some questionable coaching calls (opening drive FG, ill-advised second half timeout) but Missouri did not play well. The defense wasn’t bad, but everything has got to improve if they expect to win in Texas next week. If not, any bid for a serious bowl berth could evaporate.

9. Georgia Bulldogs (5-1, 2-1 SEC)
They managed to slide by a terrible Tennessee team, but should of won by much more. There’s no doubt the Bulldogs are a good football team, but they are also a team that can be exposed by other good teams. The offense is a little erratic and should be scoring more than they are.

10. Florida Gators (5-1, 3-1 SEC)
It was either the Gators or USC here, and while both have pretty bad losses, I feel Florida has played much more quality opponents than USC. They beat a really good LSU team and beat them pretty good.

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Oklahoma State 28, Missouri 23
I’m not making any excuses for Mizzou, as they deserved to lose this game. But Missouri was down 28-23 late in the fourth quarter but had the ball at Oklahoma State’s 37 yard line with about 2 minutes left. On second and six, Chase Daniel fired a pass towards Jeremy Maclin but it was caught by OSU’s Patrick Lavine to end the drive. The play was reviewed and confirmed as an interception. But I guess the ball on the ground wasn’t irrefutable enough for the officials (h/t to Steve Keers). There’s no going back and overturning calls, even if a team gets 5 downs against Missouri.


Texas 45, Oklahoma 35
Easily the best game of the weekend and it certainly lived up to the hype. Every time Oklahoma tried to pull away, Texas came storming back and eventually took control of the game. There’s still a ton of time, and the number one ranking doesn’t mean anything in October, but Texas looks good.

Key NCAAF Games – 10/11/08

There aren’t too many big-time games this week, but the ones that are this weekend are huge, starting with the Red River Shootout at noon on Saturday.

Clemson at (21)Wake Forest
I’ve learned a pretty good lesson about picking Clemson games against decent competition. Don’t. So I’ll take Wake Forest in a matchup of ACC ballclubs. Wake Forest 27, Clemson 24

(1)Oklahoma at (5)Texas
Oh boy! This is going to be a game to wake up to Saturday afternoon. High scoring offenses meet up at a neutral site. Whoever loses this game is going to drop in national polls, but not mine. Colt McCoy looks like a much different player this year than last, although I think the lack of a game-changing back will give OU a slight edge. But I am watching this game. Oklahoma 42, Texas 37

(17)Oklahoma State at (3)Missouri
Hopefully, OSU learns from Nebraska’s mistakes and no one spits on Superman’s cape number 10 jersey. Oklahoma State’s offense is really good, but Missouri’s has reached elite status. An improving defense and the home game swing this one to Missouri. Missouri 49, Oklahoma 28

(4)LSU at (11)Florida
The fact that an SEC matchup of two top-11 teams is pushed aside in favor of a pair of Big 12 games speaks volumes to the direction of the Big 12. But this game is still going to be great. I won’t be watching it as it’s the same time as the Missouri/OSU game, and if Percy Harvin’s playing with a bum ankle, I think I like LSU. LSU 30, Florida 28

Tennessee at (10)Georgia
Knowshon Moreno says he’ll be back, and I’m sure he’s still stinging (both his elbow and ego) from the boom that Bama laid on them two weeks ago. Tennessee isn’t the Volunteers of the late 90s, and Moreno, along with Matthew Stafford should have a big game against Fulmer’s club. UGA 41, Tennessee 17

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How I did last week: 6-0
On the season: 11-1

Predicted: Alabama 28, Kentucky 14
Actual Score: Alabama 17, Kentucky 14

Predicted: Missouri 40, Nebraska 21
Actual Score: Missouri 52, Nebraska 17

Predicted: Texas 40, Colorado 20
Actual Score: Texas 38, Colorado 14

Predicted: Vanderbilt 24, Auburn 13
Actual Score: Vanderbilt 14, Auburn 13

Predicted: Ohio State 27, Wisconsin 21
Actual Score: Ohio State 20, Wisconsin 17

Predicted: Florida State 22, Miami 18
Actual Score: Florida State 41, Miami 39