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Today’s Idiot: Drew Carey

I used to love The Price Is Right when Bob Barker hosted it. But Drew Carey is terrible. He’s technically considered a “comedian” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I hated The Drew Carey Show and tolerated him on Whose Line Is It Anyways because the rest of the talent was so funny.

And then comes this. He’s hosting The Price Is Right Showcase Showdown and some guy makes an exact bid on his showcase, therefore winning both showcases.

Drew Carey’s reaction? He couldn’t care less. He and his producers stopped the show for about an hour because they assumed this guy had to have cheated. But he simply just memorized prices of things on the show by watching the show for over 30 years.

For something that hadn’t happened since the early 1970s, you’d think the host of the game would be a little more excited.