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My Take On Michael Vick

Michael Vick signed on with an NFL team again in recent days – the Philadelphia Eagles, if it matters.

About two years ago, Vick was busted for heading an interstate dogfighting ring called Bad Newz Kennals. He was accused of financing the operation, directly participating in dog fights and executions, and personally handling thousands of dollars in related gambling activities. Vick pleaded guilty to the charges and spent 18 months in prison for his involvement in the dogfighting.

He was conditionally reinstated to the NFL recently and his return to the league has seen mixed reactions from fans and non-fans alike.

Personally, I side with the NFL Commissioner on this one. What Vick did was terrible and he was punished for what he did. I’m a dog-lover, but not to the extent that I forget what dogs are not – humans.

Michael Vick committed a crime and paid for it. Football is his job and he certainly can’t be expected to not work upon his release from prison. So long as he stays straight and behaves himelf, there’s no reason why he should be prevented from earning a living.

I can’t understand how there’s so much outrage over what Vick did, and so little over the fact that Donte Stallworth got himself drunk, decided to drive himself home and hit and killed a man in the process. Or Leonard Little, who, 10 years ago drove drunk and killed a woman and spent a grand total of three months in prison. And then got himself caught again driving drunk six years later.

Demonize Michael Vick all you want, he certainly brought it upon himself, but remember he served his time, seems to be genuinely sorry and deserves a chance to rebuild his life again. Prison is supposed to be a place for rehabilitating criminals and if that happens then allowing them to work again only makes sense.

He’s an a tight leash, as he should be (no pun intended) but he has to be let out of people’s doghouses eventually.