The Voice: Live Shows — Team Adam & Team Cee Lo

Katrina Parker (Tonight, Tonight, Smashing Pumpkins)
Got swallowed by the accompaniment at times, but she’s a very strong singer who delivered an excellent performance. Kind of breathy, but not in an off-putting way.

Cheesa (Don’t Leave Me This Way, Thelma Wilson)
She was about a second away from not making it through the blind auditions, and then Cee Lo chose her in the battle rounds despite the fact that she was unequivocally out-sung. Her first live show performance had high-energy but it lacked a true wow moment. My guess is she is in America’s bottom three, but Cee Lo will save her.

Tony Lucca (In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel)
A solid all-around performance. A lot of very good moment, but I didn’t really find myself finding a great moment. He’s definitely more than what Xtina made him out to be by calling him one-dimensional.

Kim Yarbrough (Rolling In The Deep, Adele)
Huge challenge with her song choice, and I felt she struggled a little bit with the big parts of the songs. I will echo Cee Lo’s sentiments, I don’t know if I loved the performance, but I still love her.

James Massone (Don’t Know Why, Norah Jones)
He’s just so smooth and swag. He doesn’t have a real big voice, but in this competition, I’m actually finding that as a nice change of pace.

Juliet Simms (Roxanne, The Police)
Not a big fan, and I don’t think that Roxanne is as big of a deviation from what she usually sings as Juliet seems to think it is. A lot of voice cracks throughout the performance—maybe that’s intentional and maybe that does it for some people, but I don’t care for it.

Mathai (Ordinary People, John Legend)
My favorite performances are the ones that can captivate me without the flashes and bangs. Mathai stood up on stage with a pair of guitar players and knocked it out of the park.

Tony Vincent (Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Tears for Fears)
Flamboyant outfits and over-the-top facial expressions aside, Tony is a very talented singer. He’s certainly a performer in every sense of the world and in that way, he’s a perfect match for Cee-Lo.

Karla Davis (Airplanes, B.O.B.)
I really liked Karla’s arrangement on this song, particularly the way she took the rap part and put it to music. There were certainly some weak spots and I’d guess she’ll fall in the bottom three, but she took a risk and it worked, but she’s just not as strong vocally as her competition.

Erin Martin (Walk Like An Egyptian, The Bengals)
Another beneficiary of Cee Lo’s questionable battle round decisions, I felt she was very weak in her first live performance. For someone that claims she doesn’t want to be judged on her looks, she sure puts a lot of effort into making as big a spectacle as possible to distract from her actual vocal performance.

Pip (When You Were Young, The Killers)
Wow. The High School Musical/Glee kid can rock. Because of how he’s presented himself so far, I didn’t fully buy into it, but overall, he’s still an extremely strong vocalist who should move on.

Jamar Rogers (Are You Gonna Go My Way, Lenny Kravitz)
Twitter exploded over his performance, but I found it just, very loud. Again, Cee Lo’s ridiculous level of showmanship was evident with people on stilts walking around. A very energetic performance that was kind of hard to take much away from his vocals.

My Top 3 from Team Adam would be Pip, Mathai and Kim Yarbrough. The fourth would be Tony Lucca.

My Top 3 from Team Cee Lo would be James Massone, Jamar Rogers and Juliet Simms. The fourth would probably be Tony Vincent.


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