The Voice: Live Shows — Team Blake & Team Xtina

Jermaine Paul (Livin’ On A Prayer, Bon Jovi)

He’s certainly got the chops and stage presence to be successful. Overall a solid performance, but I was surprised that a singer of his caliber was swallowed up by the band at times.

Chris Mann (Bridge Over Troubled Water)

A simple, but beautiful performance, which is what we’ve come to expect from him.

RaeLynn (Wake Up Call, Maroon 5)

So annoying. Adam Levine must have crapped himself hearing his song murdered on live TV. He said he liked it, but watching his reaction during the song told a different story.

Moses Stone (Stonger/Power, Kanye West)

Still not a particularly strong singer and it showed. The Voice is not really the right platform for rappers. He sang very little in this performance.

Naia Kete (Turning Tables, Adele)

Peaked at her blind audition. This performance wasn’t as good as her first one. A unique sound can’t be forced, and like RaeLynn, Naia forces her quirkiness a little too much. She’s strongest when she just opens up and sings.

Lindsey Pavao (Somebody That I Used To Know, Goyte)

Didn’t like the arrangement, and Lindsey didn’t seem that strong vocally. We learned that she’s pretty good at squeaking into the microphone, Adam nailed it when he said her performance lacked power during the chorus.

Jordis Unga (Alone, Heart)

Very, very good voice, so the screaming runs are wholly unnecessary. One of the better performances of the night.

Sera Hill (Find Your Love, Drake)

Despite being shown up, Sera was helped through the battle rounds by Xtina’s preference for loud female vocalists. Surrounded by shirtless hunks, she delivered a rather forgettable performance. It was not a song suited for her style, and she should probably expect to be on the chopping block this week.

Erin Willett (Living For The City, Stevie Wonder)

A lot of stage-filling fluff distracted from what was ultimately a pretty good performance. Ms. Willet is certainly growing on me.

Ashley de la Rosa (Right Through You, Alanis Morissette)

There were too many runs in the song that didn’t allow Ashley to properly show off her chops, which are impressive. I like the singer, did not like the performance. Adam’s glowing review probably stemmed from his buddy-buddy relationship with Alanis.

Charlotte Sometimes (Misery Business, Paramore)

Never was a big fan and she did nothing to sway me with this performance. Her voice just sounds lazy, like she’s not pronouncing her words properly or getting on top of every note.

Jesse Campbell (What A Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong)

The best thing about Jesse is that all he needs is a microphone. No flash, no dancers, no props, no smokescreens, nothing. His voice is more than enough to carry a performance. He’s definitely the best of the night, and probably the best in the competition. Really a signature performance. Again.


My top three from Team Christina would be Jesse Campbell, Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao. The fourth would Ashley de la Rosa.

My top three from Team Blake would be Jermaine Paul, Erin Willet and Jordis Unga. The fourth would be reluctantly be Naia Kete.


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