Five Toy Story Must-Haves

I love all three Toy Story movies, and it’s remarkable how similar they all really are. It takes really good play-up writing to be able to take the same overall story arc and make it into three separate movies that are all huge box office successes.

1. The Toys Must Escape
In each Toy Story movie, the featured playthings must get themselves into some hairy predicament from which they must stage an elaborate escape. In the first one, Woody and Buzz had to figure out how to escape the grasp of the sadistic Sid. In the second one, Woody and his new friends were held captive by an overweight toy collector and a gassy control-freak prospector. And in the third installment, the entire lineup of toys found themselves literally imprisoned by a mafia of daycare toys. If the box says Toy Story, you can be certain that there will be a jailbreak sometime during the next 90 minutes.

2. Getting Thrown Out
Andy’s mom doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb in the box. She is throwing out Andy’s beloved childhood toys with a frightening consistency throughout the series. In the original Toy Story, she leaves Woody and Buzz behind at a gas station. In the next one, she chucks Wheezy into a garage sale, which ends up getting Woody swiped by the toy collector. In the third one, Andy’s mom reaches new heights and throws out the whole bag of toys Andy was taking to the attic. Someone has to get thrown out and given away for it to be a true Toy Story movie.

3. Owner Forgetfulness
Toy Story 1 is all about how upset Woody gets because Andy has a new, cooler toy to play with. In the second one, we meet Jessie – the yodeling cowgirl whose owner outgrew her during a Sarah McLaughlin musical montage. In Toy Story 3, not only has Andy been ignoring his toys in favor or college prep, but some small girl left her Lotso Huggy Bear behind one day and had her parents replace him. Can’t release a Toy Story movie without at least one toy’s feelings getting hurt due to being overlooked or ignored.

4. Buzz Lightyear Thinks He’s A Real Spaceman
Buzz Lightyear gets introduced early on in Toy Story 1 as a space ranger toy who thinks that all his features are truly operational and he’s on a mission from Star Command. The entire first movie is basically spent convincing him he’s A TOY! In Toy Story 2, the real Buzz accidentally sets loose a new Buzz (with utility belt!) who thinks he’s a spaceman just like Andy’s Buzz did in the first movie. Toy Story 3 did not disappoint, bringing back Buzz’s naivete with the flick of a switch. Granted, it reverts him to Spanish Mode and is belly-laugh hilarious, but since it is a Toy Story movie, Buzz is going to believe himself to be a real Spaceman.


5. Nobody trusts Woody
Despite his standing as the apparent leader of Andy’s toys, Woody has one helluva time maintaining the trust of his fellow toys from film to film. In Toy Story 1, the toys believe that Woody is responsible for trying to off Buzz. The refuse to help him and openly sabotage his attempts to help Buzz. These trust issues resurface in Toy Story 2 when Woody refuses to accept the other toys’ help in leaving the toy collector and returning to Andy. In Toy Story 3, they still haven’t learned that Woody is the consummate toy and refuse to believe him when he tells them that it was Andy’s mother who was responsible for them being thrown out rather than Andy himself. Although they always get over it by the end of the movie, the toys will always assume Woody is lying for selfish reasons rather than remember all the heroic actions he’s taken on their behalf.

6. Freakish Looking Baby Toys

This is really more of five and a half because off the top of my head I can’t recall a freaky baby toy in the second Toy Story movie. In Toy Story 1, we encounter a variety of freaky-looking toys at neighbor kid Sid’s house. One of the more memorable scary toys is an innocent-appearing baby doll head attached to a metallic toy spider body. Toy Story 3 brings scary baby back, this time in the form of the Gestapo-like lazy-eyed big baby. If it’s Toy Story, there’s gonna be a freaky baby somewhere in the movie.


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