Fantasy Baseball 2010 – Week 11

As I was checking out my opponent’s team for week 11, the thing that stood out the most to me was the fact that his starting pitchers were scheduled to make fourteen starts while mine were only on track to make eight. That meant that I was starting with a disadvantage in all the counting stats – wins, strikeouts and quality starts. The quality of my pitchers was undoubtedly better, but the overwhelming quantity he had was looking to doom my week.

I did end up losing wins and strikeouts, but I managed to best my opponent by one in quality starts and dominated him in WHIP, ERA and saves to end up winning four of the six pitching categories despite facing a numbers crunch.

Johnson struck out 16 batters in Week 11

Both Josh Johnson and Adam Wainwright were outstanding this week, recording three wins, four quality starts and 26 strikeouts in their four starts. They posted an ERA of 1.50 and a WHIP of 0.70 which helped keep my weekly WHIP under 1.00 despite Matt Garza’s disastrous one-inning, seven run disaster against the Marlins. Tim Hudson, Felix Hernandez and Jamie Garcia posted strong starts this week, all recording quality starts – King Felix tossing a complete game win. My relievers were excellent this week, racking up a whopping eight saves, the most I’ve had in one week this season. Neftali Feliz picked up four saves on his own, striking out seven in four perfect innings.

Boesch homers against Washington

My hitting led all six categories going into Sunday, but each by very slim margins. A big day on Sunday for my opponent helped him salvage a respectable week, as he won three hitting categories and I won the other three. My offense had a rather poor showing this week, hitting only at a .269 clip with little power. But I benefitted from my opponent’s hitters struggling as well. Ben Zobrist drove in six runs and scored four times and Nyjer Morgan swiped three bases. He’s still not hitting a lick, but he’s helping me tread water in the stolen base department. Brennan Boesch hit two of my four homers and drove in six runs. Boesch has easily been my best hitter since I plucked him off waivers during Week 5. My strategy for this league was to draft elite pitchers and fill in my hitters later on, trusting to the fact that there are more decent hitters than there are decent pitchers. So far, that strategy has paid off very well. I lead the league in WHIP, ERA and quality starts – all by a good margin and am second in both wins and strikeouts and fifth in saves. Top 5 in every pitching category is fantastic.

Of the nine pitchers that I drafted, seven are still on my roster. The two that I no longer have are my 18th round pick (Barry Zito, traded) and my 22nd round pick (Robinson Tejada, released). They’ve been replaced by Jamie Garcia (free agent pickup) and Neftali Feliz (acquired via trade).

My hitting situation has been much more fluid. Of the thirteen hitters I selected in the draft, only five are still on my roster. Jorge Posada (5th round), Nyjer Morgan (7th), Nick Swisher (8th), Scott Rolen (16th) and Gaby Sanchez (21st) have all made solid contributions for my team at the level I expected them to or above. I’ve brought Denard Span and Ben Zobrist via trade and players like Boesch, Ronny Paulino and Jose Guillen have given me exceptional production as undrafted free agent pickups. Playing matchups has enabled me to tinker my lineup to get optimal production from each position.

My 7-5-0 week bumped my record to 86-38-8, and expanded my lead to 18.5 games in Division 4 and to 11.5 in the league. This upcoming week matches me up with The Concord CRRAABs. The CRRAABs are coming of a 3-7-2 week which dropped them to 47-72-13, placing them in fourth place in Division 1 and 18th place overall.


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