Today’s Idiot: Unnamed Philadelphia Teen

During the eighth inning of Philadelphia’s 6-3 loss to the Cardinals on Monday night, some teenage punk decided it would be in his best interest to hop onto the playing field and run around like a lunatic. He weaved his way around officers trying to subdue him for about thirty seconds until the officers decided they had had enough and tasered the young gentleman.

There has been some questioning as to whether or not using the taser on the teenager was the proper way of going about subduing him. While I had no problem with using the taser on this idiot, I did notice that in the above photograph, the officer also is carrying a firearm.

Had the officer used his gun rather than his taser, I think the teen in this case would have definitely been subdued and other punks would be dissuaded from attempting any similar shenanigans in the future. People complain about the “excessive” force that law enforcement officials sometimes use to subdue a suspect, but you rarely hear complaints about the reasons that they have to use such force.

If that was my kid, he’d want the Taser again once he found out what I would have had in store for him when he got home. Don’t like being tased? Then how about you keep your butt in your seat? There were 48,817 people at that game on Monday and 48,816 managed to keep themselves off the playing field.

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  1. Kid deserves to be tased. He’s a dumbass.

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