Fantasy Baseball 2010 – Week 3

It was a given that my squad would eventually struggle after starting 21-1-2, but it was still tough regardless to push through a week. Surprisingly, it was my pitching that did me in this week, as I lost five of the six pitching categories. Despite getting six quality starts from my starters, I recorded only two wins, and while my 3.79 ERA and 1.28 WHIP were certainly respectable, they were outdone by some outlier performances from the likes of Colby Lewis and Brad Penny.

My hitting on the other hand, had a strong week and I won five of the six offensive categories. Or more accurately, my opponent had a very poor offensive week, hitting a measly .228/.280 with one home run and nine RBI. Adrian Gonzalez carried my offense, going deep four times and driving in nine runs. Scott Rolen and Jose Guillen both homered twice and Guillen drove in seven while Rolen scored eight runs.

I made only one move this week, dropping the struggling 2B/SS Clint Barmes for Tampa Bay’s young 2B/SS Reid Brignac.

Up next during Week 4 is Pedroia’s Grit, a team I look forward to hopefully beating handily. After an impressive 7-3-3 opening week win, Pedroia’s Grit dropped the next two weeks and comes into Week 4 with a 14-17-5 record, sitting in 13th place overall. I go into Week 4 in second place at 27-7-2.


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