NCIS Tabbed As Most Overrated Show had an article about some of the most overrated television shows and a personal favorite, NCIS made the cut.

Each show was critiqued by an anonymous contributor. Which basically means the list is worth next to nothing since the anonymous contributor could be an eight year old boy. Some of the shows on the list probably deserve to be there, and the criticism is fair.

American Idol is on the list, and I’d agree that Ryan Seacrest and Co. are probably the single most overrated show on television. Kelly Clarkson from Season 1 was the one true star that show has produced. You’d think a show who’s main purpose is to find the best singer would spit out more than one star in about a decade. The fact that the show sometimes takes up three nights a week makes it all the more overrated.

The Office is also on the list and as much of a fan as I am, I have to tend to agree. The writing’s gotten stale and the jokes just aren’t funny anymore. Not every show can be the Simpsons. The once-likeable characters seem to get grumpier with each passing episode.

Glee is also on the list and again, even as a fan, I agree. I love most of the arrangement the glee club does, but as a television show, it’s not very interesting. I never end up on the edge of my seat at the end of an episode wondering which way the writers will take the story. The kids are going to have their problems, one’s gay, one’s black, people will fall in love out of love and they’ll win sectionals. And they’ll do it while singing contemporary arrangements of hit songs. The high school storylines are grossly exaggerated (what high school kid could possibly fall for the “I got pregnant in a hot tub” line?) and the adult ones are more often ridiculous than believable. Jane Lynch makes the show a tad more watchable.

The only one that I have a real beef with is NCIS. Here’s what the critic had to say about Donald Bellisario’s masterpiece:

NCIS is quite possibly the most overrated show on this list. It receives the highest ratings of any drama out there and boasts an insanely devoted fan base, yet it seems that no one is able to explain exactly why. Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly aren’t that hot. They and the rest of the NCIS team can’t wield guns or kick ass any more effectively than any other crime-solving white knights. All of the characters are plagued by weak, unoriginal senses of humor. And don’t get me started on that annoying chick Abby Sciuto; someone should tell her that her Hot Topic wardrobe went out of style five years ago.

The allure of NCIS isn’t tied to the attractiveness of the actors or actresses – although Sasha Alexander, Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly aren’t exactly Ugly Bettys. The team’s ability to kick ass also isn’t a main draw for the typical fan. And anyone that finds Abbs “annoying” obviously has not bothered to watch the show for any length of time. I’ll admit, Abby was the one character that didn’t sit as well with me as all the others when I first started, but by Season 7, I can’t imagine the show without her. Pauley Perrette is the perfect actress for the perfect character. Additionally, her character isn’t supposed to be representative of the material tween demographic. She’s a quirky, honest character who’s forensic aptitude is unmatched.

NCIS receives the highest ratings because of one inarguable fact. The writing for the show is tremendous. No show develops characters and incorporates story lines as well as NCIS does. Everything that is included in an episode is there for a reason and the foresight that the NCIS writers have is unmatched in their field. And while the actors may not be the most attractive cast on television, the rapport that they have and the understanding of their characters is unbelievable.

Each actor and actress does a fantastic job at portraying their character and the timing between them is perfect. I hated when Sasha Alexander decided to pursue other interests (how has that worked out by the way?) but Cote de Pablo was quickly introduced seamlessly into the show and hasn’t looked back since.

Anyone who doesn’t enjoy NCIS obviously appreciates television for something other than fantastic writing and remarkable content. And that’s fine and up to them, but to include NCIS in a list of TV’s most overrated shows based on a review that reads as if a thirteen year old girl wrote it, is baseless and ridiculous.


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  1. Totally agree

  2. 100 percent agree – love NCIS

  3. Abby is an awful character.she tries to be cute but comon she is in her thirties not 18 yrs old.she is an embarrassament for the show as well as her self.

  4. This is a show that can’t pass for a serious cop show for the life of it. Childish characters with cartoonish behavior pretending to be doing serious investigative work. No one of them looks like a federal agent let alone act as one. Reminds me of some teen college geek bunch mixed with frat boys and an older but absolutely boring lead teacher to keep them from going overboard with their buffoonery. Dry lines, repeating scenes, no creativity, flat as pan cake characters, no development and very tasteless and unoriginal humor. I thought CIS was ridiculous with its oversaturated vision, reality detached characters and even more ridiculous punch lines but NCIS beats it with absolute boredom and target audience leaning toward pre-teen years when everybody wants to be a policeman and chase the bad guys. Should be rated “Adults Strictly Prohibited”.

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