Today’s Idiot: Matthew Clemmens

This story happened a few days ago, but I missed it. Still, it’s only April and we may have already found our Scumbag of the Year in 21-year old Matthew Clemmens.

A few nights back, a father took his 11-year old and 16-year old daughters out to Citizen’s Bank Park for an evening Philadelphia Phillies game. What should have been a rather enjoyable evening for father and daughters turned unpleasant when the seats behind them turned out to belong to a group of unruly punks.

The group behind him and his daughters proceeded to be loud and obnoxious from the outset of the game and were eventually confronted by security and told to leave. As they were about to be escorted out, Clemmens stuck his fingers down his throat and vomited on the man and his 11-year old daughter.

If that had been my daughter, the headline would have read more along the lines of:

Philly fan thrown to his death at game, Alpharetta man held

But instead, the father along with the help from several nearby fans restrain the offender until the authorities can subdue and remove him from the park.

A ballgame should be an experience that is one hundred percent family friendly. There’s a game to watch, things to see and an evening to enjoy yourself. While their is alcohol available at these games, punks like Clemmens should just hit up the local TKE house if they want to get smashed and act like untrained animals.

Hopefully, his black eye came courtesy of the father, or better yet one of the daughters.

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