Fantasy Baseball 2010 – Week 2

Coming off a week which saw me go 11-0-1, the match-up in the second week would prove to be more of a challenge, as I was pitted against the Albany Diamond Dogs. The Dogs had a first week that was nearly as impressive as mine. They went 10-1-1 and the two of us squared off as the top two teams in the league.

Once again, my pitching carried the week. Of the eleven starts that my pitchers made, ten of them ended up as quality starts. Tim Hudson’s outing in San Diego was the only non-quality start, and he came within one out of making my pitchers a perfect 11-for-11. Regardless, I managed nine wins with a fantastic 2.06 ERA and 1.06 WHIP. For a twenty team league, even those numbers are mind-boggling. And while my starters tore it up, my relievers, David Aardsma and Ryan Franklin combined to save five games, and I swept all six pitching categories. Adam Wainwright’s sixth strikeout on Sunday Night Baseball won me that category.

From Monday until Wednesday, my offense held its’ own, but my team started slumping and hit .148 on Thursday, .192 on Friday and .182 on Saturday with zero home runs and one RBI. This three-day team slump dropped me behind in five of six offensive categories, but not by an insurmountable margin.

On Sunday, I made some good moves, sitting Scott Rolen in favor of Alberto Callaspo and sliding Ivan Rodriguez into the lineup as well. Callaspo responded with two home runs and six RBI and Pudge collected three hits, drove in a run and scored twice. Jose Guillen went 3-for-5 and even swiped a base Sunday to knot up stolen bases. For offense, I ended up winning four of the six categories (R, RBI, AVG, OBP), tying one (SB) and losing one (HR).

On deck for Week 3 is Channel 4 News Team, who is coming off of a 6-4-2 victory and stands at 9-11-4 on the young season. I’ll go into the week remaining in the top spot in the league, with a record of 21-1-2.


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