2010 NFL Mock Draft (First Round)

Here’s my shot at mock drafting the first round of the upcoming 2010 NFL Draft. I’d love to be able to throw up one of those first three round mock drafts, but I don’t have enough knowledge of all 32 NFL teams or the pool of draft eligible players to do that. I’ll leave that to the talking heads at ESPN who probably won’t do all that much better than me at this.

1. Rams – QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
The release of Marc Bulger most likely solidifies this pick for St. Louis. They’ve passed on a couple of franchise quarterbacks in recent drafts and it’s about time they get that taken care of. Bradford’s been more than impressive enough in all facets of the pre-draft experience for St. Louis to feel perfectly comfortable taking Bradford.

2. Lions – DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
Detroit could go offensive line here to help protect Matthew Stafford, but Suh is arguably the best player in the draft, making it hard for the Lions to justify picking anyone other than Suh. Suh slides in immediately and becomes a force in the motor city.

3. Buccaneers – DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma
There’s been some chatter about Tampa Bay trading down to avoid having to pay Top 3 money, but I don’t see any teams being willing or forced to trade this far up to get a player they want.

4. Redskins – T Russell Okung, Oklahoma State
The McNabb deal eliminates Notre Dame signal caller Jimmy Clausen from being taken by Washington. I still believe McNabb has a lot left, but in order to get all that out of him, Mike Shanahan is going to have to protect their new toy. Okung is easily the best tackle in the draft, making him the pick for the Redskins.

5. Chiefs – S Eric Berry, Tennessee
KC has a lot of needs, and will therefore have a lot of options with this pick. I think ultimately they take Eric Berry, the impact safety out of Knoxville. He’ll give them a playmaker in the secondary, something they definitely could use.

6. Seahawks – T Bryan Buluga, Iowa
With two of the top fifteen selections, the Seahawks are in good position to deal one of them, or hold on to them and simply try and improve their team through the deep draft this year. The Charlie Whitehurst and Matt Hasselbeck competition isn’t going to be all that impressive, but it’ll be even less so without Buluga to help keep them upright.

7. Browns – CB Joe Haden, Florida
Cleveland would love to have Berry fall to them, but Haden is more than an adequate consolation prize. He’ll help out a secondary that struggled to shut down opponents passing games in 2009.

8. Raiders – T Bruce Campbell, Maryland
Al Davis loves him some players that have impressive physical tools. JaMarcus Russell, Darren McFadden and Darrius Heyward-Bey all fit that description and so does Campbell. He’s big and strong but is certainly a top 10 talent. And it’s about time Oakland started building a team from the foundation.

9. Bills – QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
If Buffalo doesn’t take Clausen here, he could be in for an epic freefall. But I think they’ll end up taking him. He’s a very good prospect and Trent Edwards isn’t the answer for Buffalo. Neither is Ryan Fitzpatrick. Or Brian Brohm. They’ll take Clausen.

10. Giants (TRADED FROM JAGUARS) – LB Rolando McClain
Here’s the draft’s first major move. The Giants desperately need inside linebacker help and McClain won’t be there for them if they sit pat at fifteen. And while there are other ILBs available, none of them are up there with McClain. They’ll trade their first and third round picks for Jacksonville’s one.

11. Broncos (from CHI) – WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State
With Brandon Marshall signing his tender this may seem like a pointless selection, but I’m guessing he’ll be traded to Dallas for their first rounder, so they’ll need a replacement. Bryant has questions unlike most other prospects, but I think they’re a bit overstated and not enough for that many teams passing on him.

12. Dolphins – DT Dan Williams, Tennessee
The Dolphins could look at Bryant if Denver keeps it’s pick and goes defense, but he’s gone in this mock draft so they take Williams to plug up the middle of their 3-4 defense that at times, was quite porous last year.

13. 49ers – T Trent Williams, Oklahoma
With two of the first seventeen picks, San Francisco will have plenty of options available. I think they go safe and smart with the first one and take Williams, a very good tackle.

14. Seahawks (from DEN) – RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson
Seattle makes Spiller the first back off the board and fills a hole. They need some playmakers on offense and Spiller is a home run threat who is also a valuable asset in the return game.

15. Jaguars (TRADED FROM GIANTS) – S Earl Thomas, Texas
I think the Jaguars are targeting Thomas and he’ll be just as available at fifteen as he would at ten, so they’ll trade down and grab an extra third rounder in the process.

16. Titans – DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech
The Titans need an edge rusher and Morgan is one of the best. He needs a little coaching to translate his game to the NFL level, but there’s not many better choices to do that than Jeff Fisher.

17. 49ers (from CAR) – LB Sergio Kindle, Texas
With their second pick, San Francisco should go defense and add a guy that can play alongside Patrick Willis. Kindle is strong against the run and even better at getting after the quarterback, two things that San Francisco would benefit from.

18. Steelers – G Mike Iupati, Idaho
With an aging offensive line, some young blood couldn’t hurt. The Santonio Holmes trade could turn Pittsburgh’s attention to a wideout and with Big Ben’s legal shenanigans, they could target a potential replacement. But with no value QB picks here, they’ll grab Iupati and look to fill other need areas later in the draft.

19. Falcons – DE Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida
A linebacker like Sean Weatherspoon could be an attractive option for the Dirty Birds here, but with Pierre-Paul available and considering the potential impact he can have on a game, the Falcons will probably look his way.

20. Texans – CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State
Wilson has shot up everybody’s draft board with good pre-draft showings and the Texans are in need of a shut down corner, making them a great match for Wilson.

21. Bengals – S Taylor Mays, USC
The Bengals defense faded a little bit by the end of the season last year and part of it was the lack of a true impact playmaker in the secondary. Mays’ stock has been slipping on some draft boards, but he’ll fit in nicely with Mike Zimmer’s defensive scheme.

22. Patriots – TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma
The Patriots absolutely need a tight end. They’ve got none on their roster and Gresham is a very good tight end that can block, catch and run. The Jets have seen some success with Dustin Keller and the Pats can get a better version of him in Gresham.

23. Packers – LB Brandon Graham, Michigan
Graham can play as an OLB for Green Bay or put the hand down and play as an edge rusher. Either way, he’s a steal for the Packers and a huge addition to a defense that was great during the season but was then absolutely shredded by Kurt Warner and the Cardinals in the playoffs.

24. Eagles – LB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri
With extra picks following the McNabb deal, Philly will have ample opportunity to improve their defense, starting with Weatherspoon. He could play inside or outside for the Iggles, but will be an impact leader either way.

25. Ravens – C Maurkice Pouncey, Florida
With Anquan Boldin aboard for Joe Flacco to throw to, they’ll need someone to anchor the line that protects them. Pouncey has an impressive resume, shredding some of the nations top collegiate defenses for several years.

26. Cardinals – T Anthony Davis, Rutgers
The defense could use some help too, but Davis can step in and offer more immediate help on the offensive line. He’s a big strong mauler who can open running lanes for the improving ground game and retooled passing game.

27. Broncos (TRADED FROM COWBOYS) – DE Jerry Hughes, TCU
Here’s the pick from Dallas that Denver gets in my proposed Brandon Marshall deal. After replacing Marshall with their initial first rounder, they’ll address the other side of the ball with Hughes, another player capable of lining up at linebacker or defensive end. Hughes had a strong senior season and impressed in the Fiesta Bowl.

28. Chargers – RB Ryan Mathews, Fresno State
Darren Sproles is not an every down back and he’s more of a receiving threat when he’s in the game anyways. Mathews gives the Bolts an actual feature back and allows them to use Sproles more in the return game.

29. Jets – DT Jared Odrick, Penn State
The Jets have been the most active team this offseason so far, eliminating cornerback, wide receiver and running back as team needs through trades. That leaves them with the opportunity to focus on retooling an aging defensive line with Odrick, a guy that can plug the middle of their 3-4 defense.

30. Vikings – CB Kareem Jackson, Alabama
I’m banking on the fact that Brett Farve will be back just in time to take the opening snap in their first game and Brad Childress probably is too. Jackson will give the Vikings an excellent cover corner who can turn and run.

31. Colts – T Charles Brown, USC
Super Bowl teams typically don’t have many areas of need and Indy’s no different. Their defense is still really good and the offense is elite. Therefore they’re able to fortify the offensive line with a young project.

32. Saints – LB Daryl Washington, TCU
The Saints are in the same position as the Colts. There isn’t much wrong with Drew Brees and his offense, but the defense could use some touch ups, and Washington is a great fir for Sean Payton’s Super Bowl champs.


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