Rest Proves Better For Colts As Indy Proves They’re Better Than The Rest

With apologies to the Jets and Bills, no team has a legitimate win over the Colts this season. Their record may indicate a pair of defeats, but so long as Peyton Manning plays all four quarters, Indianapolis wins.

Manning has now had two weeks to prepare for an opposing defense that’s completely unfamiliar with him. You can mess him up for a little while, as the Jets did the first few series of the AFC Championship game, but Manning is simply too smart to be outdone for an entire game.

He took a few series to watch first hand what the Jets were doing and where their pressure was coming from and then went to work. And the Jets went home.

I think that the Saints, much like the Jets, will be unable to neutralize all of the Colts playmakers. The Jets took Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark pretty much out of the equation, only to be burned by Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon.

If one weapon’s not there for Manning, he’ll simply move on to the next one which more than likely will be.

Concerning Dwight Freeney—he’ll undoubtedly play, although his effectiveness will most likely be limited. Some say that’s a death throw for Indy, but I don’t see it as such. Indy’s defense is speedy and sound, and that matches up well against the speed of the New Orleans offense.

The Saints have had an excellent season and mean a lot to the city of New Orleans, but in the end, they’re simply up against one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game.



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