Thoughts on Jets/Chargers

1. That game unfolded exactly how New York wanted it to – stay close while slowing San Diego’s passing attack, and keep pounding with the run game until San Diego’s defense finally broke. The Jets know what they have, and know how to best utilize it.

2. Nate Kaeding found a way to come up smaller against the Jets in the playoffs – and he came up pretty small last time the two teams met.

3. Rex Ryan sure doesn’t coach like a first-year HC. By deferring the coin toss, Ryan did exactly what he’s been doing all season – daring opponents to score on his defense – and San Diego didn’t. He made the right call taking the points on their opening drive of the second half despite facing a tempting fourth-and-1, and then went for the same fourth-and-1 to ice the game in the final minutes.

4. Darrelle Revis is the best defensive player in football, hands down. He didn’t blanket Vincent Jackson as expected because the Jets didn’t feel that Jackson was good enough to warrant that type of defensive attention. Instead, Revis played his side of the field, occasionally dropping into zone coverages or picking up another receiver. SI’s Peter King charted all 45 of San Diego’s pass attempts in his Monday Morning Quarterback column and found that Rivers threw at Revis four times which resulted in the following results:

One was complete, to LaDainian Tomlinson, for a loss of four yards. One, to Legadu Naanee, was batted down by a diving Revis on a cross route. One, to Vincent Jackson, a deep pass up the left seam, was overthrown, with Revis and Jackson running stride for stride. And the fourth, to Jackson, was up for grabs between the two, with Revis coming down with a juggled ball for an interception in a spectacular play.

Meanwhile, Charles Woodson and the Packers gave up eight more touchdowns in a pickup game at a local park against some high school’s jayvee team. I assume that Revis is going to be blanketing Colts WR Reggie Wayne – as he IS good enough to warrant that type of defensive attention.

5. The Jets completed a dozen passes, were significantly outgained and didn’t record a first down until midway through the second quarter and still won. The defense is that good, but I’d think they’ll need more offense against the Colts.


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