Reindeer Race

I threw an Christmas Party last week and overall, it was a huge success. I had hosted two other parties previously, but nothing too fancy. My birthday was in August and I hosted a small party for our friend Lindsey in early November.

I went to a little more trouble to put this one together and it was a huge success. For the first time, I served something other than simple snack foods like chips and munchies. I decided to do something fun, easy and that wasn’t a whole lot of work for me – kebabs. I twisted it up a little and had a “Make Your Own Kebab” night and provided steak, chicken, peppers and mushrooms for people to create whatever kind of kebab they wanted. Some people had all veggie-kebabs and I even saw a few meat-babs. Overall, it was a huge hit.

Fires have become a staple at my parties simply due to the presence of a nice firepit in the backyard. This time, with a little help from Mason, I built up a bigger fire than before and kept it burning long into the night. It was a nice change of pace for people that wanted to get away from the games, dancing and music going on inside. It was chilly that night, but fortunately not unbearably cold.

Being the complete belle of the ball that I am, I was looking for ideas of what I could do at my party that would be a lot of fun and something that people would remember. After a few weeks of thinking, I decided to hold a Reindeer Race. No, I couldn’t catch a real reindeer for the race, so I settled for the next best thing – my riding lawnmower with antlers and a big red nose. Didn’t get a great picture of the finished product (it was dark outside and I didn’t think to photograph it beforehand) but with the mower’s headlights serving as eyes, it looked pretty convincing.

I bought 24 small wooden stakes at Lowe’s and used them to mark out a simple loop course that ran from the backyard, up to the frontyard and then back again. I worried about how to illuminate the course, but when the mower’s headlights worked, that wasn’t a problem.

The night of the party came and the poor mower wouldn’t start – turns out the engine had a warm-weather carburetor – who knew? I ended up jumping the battery from my car and everything worked out. We had 17 people compete in the Reindeer Race – some taking multiple turns.

The winner for the men was Bradley, completing the course in an astonishing 32.8 seconds. The winner on the women’s side was Jenn at 34.8 seconds.

Jenn wins the women's competition - 34.8 seconds

Men's 3rd place winner - Justin!

Mason finished 12th, but he had the most fun!

Even the dog had a turn!

Every good race needs a photographer who forgets the lens cap is still on!

I like to think it was a great night had by all, if I’m not being too assuming. I know I had a lot of fun. It really was a great way to end a great semester.

Hey there!

The men of the party do a Christmas shot!

I'm gonna miss the heck out of that little guy!


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