Epic Battle – Final Update

I know I stopped updating the goings-on in our fantasy baseball league, but in my defense, things had grown a bit stagnant. Mr. Walters made a late charge and secured himself a spot in the playoff, but other than that, not much change was happening.

The playoffs opened pitting Mr. Walters against TJ and Josh against JT. Nathaniel and Zachary, as the numbers one and two seeds respectively, sat idly by and watched as they were rewarded with bye weeks.

Mr. Walters wiped the floor with TJ, handling him easily 13-4-1, while Josh squeezed out a tough-won 10-7-1 victory. Mr. Walters’ victory slotted him into the second round against myself, while Josh was left to fend for himself against the younger of two Ballance brothers.

Zachary put Josh away quite handily, securing himself a place in the finals with an 11-5-2 win. Mr. Walters seemed all but ready to meet Zachary, holding a sizable lead over Nathaniel heading into Sundays game, but some clutch pitching performances and a huge day for the offense locked up at 9-7-2 win for Nathaniel and sent him to the all-Ballance final.

The final matchup lasted two weeks instead of the customary one, and by the end of the first week, Nathaniel held a sizable advantage and Zachary began desperate roster changes to try and compensate. He began picking up every available starting pitcher and rehauled his offense in hopes of finding someone with one last hot streak left in them.

Alas, it was not enough and Nathaniel ended the season just as he began it, comfortably ahead, with a 13-3-2 win and the 2009 Fantasy Baseball Championship.

1. Nathaniel (Beowulf)
2. Zachary (Gilgamesh)
3. Mr. Walters (Achilles the Brave)
4. Josh (The Argonauts)
5. JT (Ajax the Greater)
6. TJ (Paradise Lost)
7. Andy B (Soggy Bottom Boys)
8. Kevin (The Divine Comedy)


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