2009 Fantasy Football – Conquering the Gridiron

With baseball season coming to a close (Nathaniel and Zachary are battling it out in the championship round, with Nathaniel leading with a week left to go) it’s time to turn our fantasy attention to the NFL.

This year’s fantasy football team was historical conquerers. Guess who the commissioner is. If you guessed soon-to-be-wed JT, you’d be right.

We have ten players this year for our league, most of whom abided by the league’s theme or Conquering the Gridiron.

Tristan: Alexander the Baller
Mr. Walters: Bjorn Ironside
Nathaniel: Cortez’s Aztec Gold
Zachary: Gengis Khan
Garrett: Hanibal’s Elephants
TJ: Strong Tamerlane
Mr. Shadoan: The A-Men
JT: The Ragin’ Trajans
Josh: William Wallace
Michael: Charlemagne Champagne

So that’s our lineup for the 2009 football season. Soon there will be more old, married guys than young, hip good-looking ones.


Notes: JT used big weeks from DeSean Jackson and Reggie Wayne (49 points) combined and the Minnesota defense (39 points) to rack up the high score of the week at 175 points. Nathaniel overcame the Philly defense racking up 69 points to beat Tristan 155-151 when Rian Lindell scored 9 points on Monday Night Football.


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