America’s Got Talent’s Second Semi-Final Show

Recycled Percussion – They’re still a neat little group, but not altogether special. They’re loud and flashy, but is that enough to win a huge talent show? I think that this type of group is sometimes just a lot of noise, and lacking in actual musical appeal.

Lawrence Beaman – Performing a soulful arrangement of Falling In and Out of Love With You, Beaman again wasn’t as good as he could have been. He has a big and impressive voice and I just wish that he could put together a performance that utilizes his full talent and ability. Hopefully he makes it through and knocks it out of the park in the next round.

Erik & Rickie – They’re cute, but they’re no different that thousands of other young children around the country whose parents drag them to dance rehearsals and recitals every day. Fun to watch, but they don’t match up well with the other remaining acts.

Jefferey Ou – He remains an extremely talented pianist and is also supremely strange. I think that strangeness led to his buzzer from Piers, but I don’t know if it was a hundred percent warranted.

Hairo Torres – Something about this kid’s dance style intrigues me. He’s certainly not one of your run-of-the-mill dancers, and actually he’s quite the opposite. He’s unique and entertaining and perfect for this show.

The EriAm Sisters – The three sisters struggled through the same problems with the vocals this week that they did last week. While other acts continue to improve, they EriAm Sisters don’t, and may even be taking small steps backwards from their impressive first performance.

Mario & Jenny –Epic fail. They threw a curveball with their act tonight, much as the yodeling dominatrix did in the first quarterfinal show. They had something going that was fun and dangerous and fell flat on their face when they tried to mess with it. The AGT stage is not one for experimentation. Stick with what you do best.

Drew Stevyns – For some reason, he starts shaky every time out, but ends up throwing that behind him and finishing with flair. He’s got that rugged quality to his voice that makes songs like the one he sang tonight – The Way I Danced With You – so emotional and powerful. He deserves to stick around.

FootworKINGZ –They’re another one that hasn’t quite improved as much as I once anticipated they would. They haven’t added any new moves that produce the “wow” factor this type of competition needs.

Barbara Padilla –I’m so glad Barbara Padilla is here. She gives me an automatic finalist without having to stress over it. She performed Ava Maria tonight and was nearly flawless. Welcome to the finals, Mrs. Padilla.


The four finalists from this group that I’d send with Barbara would probably start with Hairo Torres. He’s quirky and he’s fun. I’d also take Recycled Percussion despite their noise. They are all great showmen and that adds to any act.

Finally, I’d take Lawrence Beaman and Drew Stevyns to round out the ten finalists. I just can’t take anyone else from this group over those five.


America ended up agreeing with me, as all five that they put through were the ones that I thought were the most deserving. It’ll be interesting to see where the competition goes from here, because what America likes is not always the most talented.

It seems that even though America’s Got Talent is a variety show that showcases all types of acts, the American public gravitates towards singing acts. This is probably why Acrodunk, the most entertaining acts in the entire show was given the boot before the finals. People can connect with emotional lyrics more than they can with five guys flipping around dunking a basketball. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way it is.


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  1. The EriAm Sisters are amazing. Something must have gone wrong. On the intro, they told us there was a struggle of song selection. That and some unkown issues must have contributed to the flatness of their voice that other wise is pitch perfect. Believe me check out their youtube and my space and you can not believe the voice you hear. Another one is, being on stage is already stressful why then add another box/podium to make it even more dramatic for the girls. They are joly singers and should have sang to the crowd…well

  2. Kevin Skinner ends up winning and these shows are too stupidly predictable. Skinner clearly wasn’t the most talented contestant in the show, and wasn’t from the very beginning. He’s got a nice back story, much like the lady from the British one last time.

    If anything, Skinner’s performances dropped off as the contest progressed, but since America is one of the worst judges of talent, he wins big and never has to catch chickens again. Which he’s probably better at than singing.

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