America’s Got Talent’s First Semi-Final Show

Acrodunk – I didn’t believe that Acrodunk, one of my favorite acts could really add anything to their performance to make it any better, but they went ahead and added fire. I love awesome dunks and I love fire. I can’t really explain how excited Acrodunk’s performance made me and they solidified themselves as one of my favorite groups. They’re fun, they’re exciting and they’re dangerous. If this isn’t a Vegas act, I don’t know what is. To be honest, watching Acrodunk is one of the most thrilling things I’ve ever seen on TV.

The Texas Tenors – These three gentlemen certainly have talent, although there are acts that utilize their talents better than the Texas Tenors. They seem like the type of guys that you’d be more likely to find at the local karaoke bar than in a million dollar competition. They’re a little cheesy (and were again this week), but they’re also very good. I like all-male vocalist groups and these guys have the whole package with their looks, charm and voices.

Paradizo Dance – After their first two performances, it was going to be difficult for them to do anything better. Where do you take an act that included a 90-pound girl lifting a 250-pound guy? Their semi-final routine was much like their first two performances, and it was perfectly executed and beautiful. They gain an advantage by being a different type of dance act, and not one that’s a dime-a-dozen.

Drew Thomas Magic – He astonished me in his original audition and then again in the quarterfinals, but he’s turned into something of a one-trick pony. He really needed to expand on his repertoire this time around because you can only repackage the same illusion so many times before people tire of it. Regardless of the repetitiveness, his illusions are still fantastic.

Tony Hoard & Rory – His performance this week was a thousand times better than his quarter-final show, but he’s still not more impressive than the rest of the remaining acts. He added some very impressive stunts for Rory and the dog rose to the occasion. Still a very fun act, but not the best.

The Voices of Glory – The sister is still very much the star of this group and they continue to feature her. They opened their semi-final performance with the two brothers beginning the song and their performance really came together when the sister took over the stage. The three siblings are all great kids too, which doesn’t do anything to hurt their appeal any. Sure, there are better singers, but as far as acts as whole, I’m not sure there is.

The Fab Five – I like them, but their act hasn’t progressed all that much since the beginning of the competition. While acts like Acrodunk and Voices of Glory have added different aspects that enhance their performances, the Fab Five has stayed comparatively stagnant.

Grandma Lee – Even after seeing her twice, I still enjoy her. She not the best comedian I’ve ever seen and to be honest, her material isn’t side-clutchingly funny to begin with. But because she’s 75, she’s a pleasure to watch. However, it seemed she was reaching for material and might have run into something of a wall. Joking about her and Piers was funny the first time, but it’s run it’s course.

Arcadian Broad – Piers critiqued his dancing and I agree. He runs around, spins and jumps but it’s not a particularly graceful type of dance. He looks more like a child chasing bubbles in the backyard than he does a million-dollar performer.

Kevin Skinner – He definitely had a down week with his vocals. His higher notes were very noticeably flat, but the best thing about Kevin is that even when that happens, he still brings tears to every eye in the audience.


Only four acts move past the semifinals, and it’s getting harder and harder to pick the ones that deserve to go on. I’d eliminate Arcadian Broad, Grandma Lee and Tony & Rory first off the bat, as I just don’t think they measure up to the rest of their competition. I’d also drop Drew Thomas Magic and the Fab Five.

That leaves me with five acts for four spots. Acrodunk is definitely through in my book, as well as Paradizo Dance. I think that the vocal problems Kevin Skinner had last night might be caused by the pure emotion with which he sings and because of the way he has of captivating an audience, I put him through.

So my last spot in the semi-finals comes down to the Voices of Glory and the Fab Five. On one hand, I don’t want to get so caught up in the emotional story of the Voices of Glory that I overvalue their talent. But Nadia has an incredible voice and her brothers, while not as good, pair excellently with her in harmonies. The Fab Five are highly enjoyable to watch and their footwork and coordination are incredible.

In the end, I have to choose the Voices of Glory for the final spot and send the Fab Five home. I just don’t think the Fab Five have shown me enough different aspects of their act to warrant sending them to the semifinals over the Voices of Glory, who, again and again have come back and astonished me week after week.

So the first four finalists for me would be Acrodunk, Kevin Skinner, Paradizo Dance and the Voices of Glory.


In the results show, The Texas Tenors were the first group through while Arcadian Broad and Drew Thomas Magic were sent home.

In the second grouping, Grandma Lee went through while Tony & Rory and Paradizo Dance went through. I was disappointed here, but America’s falling in love with this little old lady and I’m just not.

Kevin Skinner went through and what has turned into a bigger tragedy than Charles DeWayne going home, Acrodunk got the axe. How the hell do they go home? Kevin Skinner is emotional and a decent enough vocalist, but he’s not a terrific talent.

After a run around the mill, the Fab Five and the Voices of Glory were both voted through. So the acts moving into the finals were the Texas Tenors, Grandma Lee, Kevin Skinner, the Fab Five and the Voices of Glory. Grandma Lee should not be in the finals and I still can’t figure out how Acrodunk is headed home.


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