My Take On Brett Favre

Thank goodness he’s someone else’s problem now.

There’s no doubt that Brett Favre still has it. He led the Packers to the conference championship game two years ago and he had the Jets in prime position to grab a nice playoff seed last year before his arm injury and stubbornness drove them into the ground and out of the playoffs.

But this “I’m retired, I’m gonna play” stuff has to stop. He needs to make up his mind. Brett Favre seems to think that he’s managed to become the one player that the entire league revolves around. The NFL has done a good job of becoming a team-oriented league, like baseball and unlike the NBA, but Favre continues to challenge this status.

He completely alienated the Packers organization after 2007 by tearfully retiring. Green Bay, as any team would do after their star QB calls it quits, started moving on without him. A few months later, Favre decided he didn’t like that. He wanted to play again, but Green Bay had made other plans. So they shipped him and his cumbersome ego to the Meadowlands for draft picks.

Now he was the Jets’ problem and he led them out to an 8-3 record with consecutive wins over the Patriots and the Titans. Then they won one of their last five games, many of them directly due to Favre’s refusal to have a seat despite a semi-serious arm injury.

Because of this injury, Favre re-retired after the 2008 campaign. But a few months later he asked the Jets to release him. Odd request from a man who was reportedly retired. So the Jets did, traded up in the draft and found themselves someone who they hope will become their franchise quarterback in USC’s golden sombrero boy, Mark Sanchez.

All summer, Favre floated his “I’m retired, I wanna play” line across any form of media that would have it and eventually told the Vikings that he was going to stay retired. Then one week later, he’s announced as the starting quarterback for the Vikings’ second preseason game.

Favre has lost credibility and respect from just about everyone. Is he better than Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels? Definitely, if he holds up for the whole season, but if I’m either of the two Minny QB’s, I feel betrayed and let down. I don’t know if I can trust my coach anymore. I probably ask to be traded. Both men have worked hard over the summer, fighting for a job, and then Favre is allowed to waltz in, having skipped all the workouts, meetings, camps and practices and is handed the starting job.

It’s not right and it’s not fair. Favre has had a great career as an NFL quarterback, but nobody’s going to remember that anymore. All they’ll remember is his spoiled kid routine that ultimately has defined his career.


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