Boston Trophy Party

The arrogance of Boston fans has just been a way of life for New York fans for the past seven or eight years. So when the news broke yesterday that both Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

A-Rod has garnered most of the media’s ire over his positive test since Spring Training and rightfully so. He cheated, but he came clean and admitted to it. Manny Ramirez has taken some of the attention away this season since testing positive earlier this year and receiving a fifty game suspension.

Both A-Rod and Manny have said in the past that they didn’t use performance enhancing drugs, which obviously were lies. Most players denied their use over the past fifteen years, although none quite so adamantly as the once-feared slugger, David Ortiz.

I feel bad for people getting into that stuff, because it’s bad stuff. You may want to do well, but you need a little help, but you know what? The consequences are going to be tough.

Ortiz, who like many players would welcome stricter testing if it would clear the air, said again the other day he has never used steroids.

I was turned onto this video by a friend, and thought it does an excellent job at returning some of the verbiage thrown around by Boston fans in past years.


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  3. Do you agree that Manny Ramirez is not getting enough flack or bad press from the media as he ought to?

    It seems like he’s going pretty unscathed in regards to media coverage these days.

    His stock price is also rising on the MLB Sports Market, the baseball public doesn’t seem to mind very much about these recent revelations: Check his profile; Manny Ramirez

    Interested to see what you have to say…


  4. Manny Ramirez certainly isn’t getting the flack fro the media that a proven cheater should.

    But, that’s most probably because he’s Manny. Manny’s carved himself out a niche that he can hang out in by writing everything off as Manny being Manny. I think the media, as well as the major league fanbase have given up on Manny as he’s exhausted the supply of commentary.

    Nothing surprises anyone when it comes down to Manny Ramirez. The amount of high-profile players testing positive for PEDs has, in my opinion diluted news coverage. The media picks and chooses which players it damns (Bonds, Canseco, A-Rod) and which ones it pardons (Manny, Ortiz).

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