Happy Independence Day

56 Americans gathered in Philadelphia to commit treason against the crown 233 years ago. These 53 men were among the most brilliant men in history and together, they conceived a Nation based on the premise that liberty and freedom could exist in The United States of America, and this nation would be a free and independent one where every man, woman and child could prosper in accordance to their own abilities and determination.

We shouldn’t so easily forget the brilliance of those people who brought forth a new Nation conceived in liberty so that all of us could be free. In addition to those 56 Americans, remember also those men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the continuing freedoms that we so enjoy.

To me, the Fourth of July is Independence Day. A lot of Americans have fallen into the bad habit of simply referring to the holiday based on the date. “Fourth of July” doesn’t explain why it is our country celebrates the holiday. It’s “Independence Day” and we’re able to celebrate it because of the men and women who have sacrificed in order to keep our nation safe.

The saturation of our Nation’s most important should not be tolerated. Here’s a video for you, and for sure, it’s not your typical inspirational-music fireworks video. No, the only fireworks here come from the mighty Jack Nicholson. His epic speech from A Few Good Men needs to be heard by Americans more than any speech Barack Obama could ever deliver. It’s certainly harsh, but it’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Watch and listen to Jack and you’ll learn exactly why we are alive and well and able to celebrate our country’s Independence Day.


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  1. Nick Carpathia

    Great speech, great movie! Love this blog good stuff!

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