Supreme Court Nominee Supports Racial Discrimination

A while back, twenty firefighters from New Haven, Connecticut were denied promotions based on an exam because not enough black firefighters scored high enough to be promoted. The city threw out the exam results and didn’t promote anyone. Naturally, these firefighters (nineteen white, one Hispanic) were pretty peeved. Having worked hard and done everything required for a promotion, they were denied because of their race. So they sued.

Their case was denied, most notably by Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee/bat-crazy racist, Sonia Sotomayor on it’s way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court rendered it’s decision yesterday in favor of the offended firefighters.

While Sotomayor is another disaster waiting to happen, equally troubling was Ruth Ginsburg’s comment following the decision:

They had no vested right to a promotion.

So because white firefighters scored higher and earned promotions, they don’t deserve them because their black counterparts failed to perform up to the same standards? What is this woman doing on the bench?

The ruling overturns a decision that Sotomayor made in lower courts and further de-qualifies her to serve as a Supreme Court Justice. As expected, the White House defended Sotomayor, saying that her decision showed she was a “follower of precedent”.

That’s convenient. America had slaves once too, and slaveowners were simply following precedent. But precedent only applies when it works in favor of liberal minded hags like Sotomayor.

“We’re very, very pleased that hopefully this decision will put an end to the type of obnoxious, identity politics and race baiting that occurs in workplaces around the country,” said Karen Torre, the firefighter’s attorney.

So am I.


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