Honduran Situation Exploits Obama’s Ineptitude

I know most people could care less about what goes on in Honduras, a place more known for church mission trips than lessons in Constitutionality.

Although our President seems keen on the whole matter, I must wonder about his intentions and capacity for common-sense. North Korea shot a missile at us and Obama waited five days before responding. When Iran held fraudulent elections and killed protesters, two weeks later, Obama was “concerned” about it.

But one day after Honduras tried to uphold it’s Constitution, Obama has come out and said that the ouster of Manuel Zelaya was not legal.

Obama would have you believe that the people of Honduras wrongly ousted Zelaya from office. But as with anything he’d have you believe, there’s a different truth to know.

Manuel Zelaya, ex-Honduran President

Manuel Zelaya, ex-Honduran President

Manuel Zelaya is basically a Hugo Chavez wannabe. Zelaya’s term is up as President but he wasn’t ready to leave quite yet. So he decides to change the Constitution to allow himself to remain as President for additional terms. In order to alter the constitution in Honduras you have to convene a constituent assembly, something that the President does not have the authority to do – that’s the power of the Congress. Zelaya wasn’t thrilled by that and decided to call one regardless. Now in order to carry out a referendum, one must obtain ballots, and the Honduran Congress wasn’t about to print ballots for an illegal referendum. So Zelaya outsourced the printing of ballots to Hugo Chavez, who does it and sends the ballots to his buddy.

After this little escapade, the Honduran Supreme Court rules that the referendum is in fact, illegal and wholly unconstitutional and issues orders to the military not to do anything to help this thing along so General Romeo Velasquez tells President Zelaya that he is under orders from the Supreme Court and will not be able to carry out Zelaya’s referendum. So Zelaya pink-slips him. The Supreme Court orders Zelaya to reinstate Velasquez, and Zelaya refuses to do so.

At this point Zelaya decides he’ll just do it himself. He gathers up a mob and leads them to the military compound where Hugo’s ballots are stored and then has his supporters begin distributing the ballots to the public. Because of the Supreme Court’s earlier ruling, Zelaya was arrested by the military and was escorted out of the country.

The Honduran attorney general and the military were operating in accordance with the Honduran laws and a valid court order. The Honduran congress has convened and designated a successor president, all in accordance with the Honduran Constitution and the presidential elections set for November – the election that Zelaya was trying to get around – will go on as scheduled.

So for those of you counting, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and now Barack Obama are all on Manuel Zelaya’s side in this thing.

A chance to take a strong, decisive stance on foreign matters after butchering the NK and Iran situations and Barack Obama falls flat on his face again. This man clearly has no idea what he is doing and doesn’t show encouraging improvement. Thank goodness our country is in the hands of incompetent baboons that are more concerned with preening their own coats than concerning themselves with the welfare of nations, including our own.

At least homeless people renting rooms in foreclosed homes doesn’t bother him. When is it 2012?


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