Epic Battle Update – 4/21/09

For the past four or five years, some buddies and I have partaken in a fantasy baseball league. We take turns commissioning the league and don’t play for anything other than bragging rights. I’ll keep you updated on how the season’s going throughout the year.

Each season we grab a theme and then base the names of our teams off that theme. When it was my year to commission the league, I chose “Movie Trilogies” and each player chose his favorite movie trilogy. We had the likes of Indiana Jones, the Matrix and Back To The Future.

This year, it’s JT’s turn to head the league and his theme is Epic Battle. Not epic battles, but more of a battle of Epic poems. After we explained to TJ what exactly an epic was (hint, not Gettysburg) we drafted players and started letting them rack up the stats.

We play head-to-head, meaning that two teams are matched up over the course of a week and compete in 18 stat categories – R, H, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, BB, AVG for hitting and IP, W, L, CG, SV, BB, K, HLD and ERA for pitching. You get a win for each category you win, a loss for each one you lose and all the rest result in ties.

Here are the team names for each manager. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll just use the manager when posting the standings

Beowulf – Nathaniel B.
Gilgamesh – Zachary B.
The Divine Comedy – Kevin B.
Paradise Lost – TJ
HectorBreakerOfBats – JT
Soggy Bottom Boys – Andy B.
The Argonauts – Josh P.
Achilles the Brave – Mr. Walters


Notes: Nathaniel and Kevin followed up their poor Week 1 showings with solid Week 2’s and shot up the standings. The Ballance Boys have come out with their guns blazing, and have raced to the top two spots with a combined record of 39-22-11 and the top four spots are occupied by people who have lived in Lexington Woods at one point.


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  1. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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