In 10 Words Or Less – 04/15/09

Back by popular demand, I’m bringing back the In 10 Words Or Less series. It’s pretty self-explanatory – I’ll go through each team in Major League Baseball and grant them 10 words (or less) about how they’re playing, what’s been happening or anything I think is clever.


Orioles (6-2): Most underrated outfield in baseball
Blue Jays (6-3): Young pitchers must deliver all season – so far so good
Yankees (4-4): Nick Swisher wins games of Connect Four in three moves
Tampa Bay (4-4): BJ Upton best athlete in baseball?
Boston (2-5): Youkilis hitting over .500 – rest of team hitting under .200

Royals (5-3): Could win every Grienke/Meche start, lose every Ponson/Ramirez
White Sox (4-3): Back-to-back 300th homers neat feat
Tigers (4-4): RIP Mark Fidrych
Twins (4-5): Missing Joe Mauer’s presence in the lineup
Indians (1-7): What else did you expect from Carl Pavano?

Mariners (6-2): Steve Phillips should have pick them this year
Angels (3-4): RIP Nick Adenhart
Athletics (3-4): Giambi had fun in New York, but belongs in Oakland.
Rangers (3-5): Lead league in runs per game, runs allowed per game.

Marlins (6-1): Pitching staff reminiscent of 2003 title team
Braves (5-2): Pitching investments paying off
Phillies (4-3): RIP Harry Kalas
Mets (3-4): Christen new stadium with loss. Appropriate result for sponsor (Citi)
Nationals (0-7): Obama administration not only clueless team in Washington

Cardinals (6-3): Bullpen still appears shaky
Cubs (5-2): Kevin Gregg trade still perplexing
Reds (4-3): Nine straight losing seasons
Pirates (4-3): Sixteen straight losing seasons
Brewers (2-6): Told you losing Sheets & Sabathia would hurt, Mikaela
Astros (1-6): Scored in one of last 28 innings. Possible problem

Padres (6-2): Friars hoping for Lazarus-type revival
Dodgers (5-3): All’s good in LA. Happy Manny, hitting Hudson, Western Sportscenter
Rockies (3-4): Dexter Fowler turning heads
Diamondbacks (3-5): Hard to win when opponent gets 4 outs
Giants (2-5): Lincecum struggles worrisome


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  1. “Nationals (0-7): Obama administration not only clueless team in Washington”

    best one ever!

  2. Losing 3 members of the baseball fraternity in one week incredibly sad.

    Other than those, great first week! Also, i love this blog, good work!

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