Dear President Obama…

Dear President Obama,

I recently watched you speak to European leaders. While you carry yourself with confidence and poise, the words you speak are entirely despicable. The speech you gave was unbelievable. And in the bad way.

You called America and its’ people arrogant, and apologized for American being a strong and successful nation. Your words do nothing but embarrass Americans themselves. Not the government-dependent type, but the hard-working and honest Americans. Apologizing to Europe for America’s “arrogance” is laughable. And you sir, are a disgrace to this Nation and her people.

Was the American entry into World War I arrogant? The same force that was the turning point in the war which brought an eventual end to a never-ending trench war? How dare America?

Was the spilled blood of American soldiers at Normandy arrogant? Would France even exist if not for that arrogance? Would Italy?

Was General George Patton liberating almost 3000 towns as his Army moved across Europe and flattening Nazism arrogant? The oppression of Hitler’s reign threatened all of Europe until America arrogantly butted in and shut everything down.

Was America protecting Europe from Soviet expansion and communism arrogant? The United States stood between a free Europe and total Soviet dominance for nearly 40 years.

Mr. Obama, your apologies are insulting to every American soldier who spilled blood to ensure that Europe stayed a free continent. Millions of crosses and stars watch over the graves of soldiers who sacrificed everything for a country that wasn’t their own.

So Mr. Obama, don’t apologize to Europe for America’s actions. Apologize to those who died ensuring that Europe remained free of tyranny and oppression. Arrogance is not found in this Nation or her people, but in your pathetic attempt to apologize for that which requires no apology.

You say nothing of true import, and speak only to impress your socialist buddies and indulgent followers. You require praise from everywhere and have sacrificed everything this Nation has fought and bled for to appease those who need no appeasement.

Mr. Obama, it is you who are the shame, not America.


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