Obama’s First 100 Days Update

We’re about halfway through Obama’s first 100 days, and while he’s busy trying to spend $1 billion per hour, release international criminals, and endorse a genocide, Americans have started to get to know the real Obama.

How many people? Obama’s approval rating fell below 60% for the first time in his administration, and if he keeps up his ridiculously destructive plans, it will contnue to fall.

While these polling institutions are spitting out poll results and mathematical findings, I decided to do my own study and came up with the following, infallible results:

Mathematical Fact

Mathematical Fact

I’m so glad Obama made time to fill out his NCAA brackets today. For some reason I assumed the man wouldn’t care about the college basketball playoff tournament. Something that is awarded based on production and merit? I didn’t peg Obama as a guy who’s all for that stuff.


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  1. Best. Graph. Ever.

  2. Love it. Like readin your stuff.

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