Gender Identity & FOCA

On an additional note, a “big” movement around campus recently has centered around adding “gender identity” to Missouri’s non-discrimination clause.

While I certainly don’t advocate discrimination against anybody (okay, probably not entirely true) there are MUCH more important things that our university (student governments in general) can allocate our time and resources towards.

Last week in The Maneater (our student newspaper) ran a column by Marcus Bowen entitled Student Leaders Lack Maturity To Be Curators.

Now typically, the columnists employed by the Maneater are complete rubbish, but Marcus Bowen has impressed me. He writes about issues that are (read, should be) important to college students while other columnists write about sororities and the Jonas Brothers. Exactly what I want to read about when I open my paper (end sarcasm).

You can read over the responses The Maneater received from “tolerant” students. I emailed Bowen commending him for his public stance against this frivolity and we exchanged a few emails and eventually became Facebook friends. For those of you unaware, that now constitutes a serious friendship.

Bowen’s new column quickly addresses last week’s before criticizing FOCA.

Now, I’m not named explicitly in Bowen’s new column, but some of our conversation is used in it. See if you can find it, pretend it’s a game!


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  1. How do you look for information for your blog content?

  2. Most of my material comes from one of three places.

    1) My life. I’m a college student involved in student government which means I deal with a lot of leftist idiots.

    2) General browsing. I spend about an hour or so a day just browsing different news sites and blogs. If I see anything that I feel particularly strongly about, I’ll jot down a few thoughts and blog about it later.

    3) Sports. I’m an avid sports fan and like to pretend I know something about them!

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