2009 RHA Ball

Friday night saw the Upper Crust host the 2009 RHA Ball. We dropped the “Inaugural” from the name because the new President and Vice President aren’t sworn in until May under the new Constitutional amendments.

Tanner Tucker, former Speaker of Congress and current Director of STRIPES, delivered the keynote address, and was very good. As the Board of Elections Chair, I was tabbed to announce the election results and did so admirably.

The election had a very good student turnout and saw three slates run for the first time since 1997. Rachael Feuerborn and Lauren Thomas won the election, capturing 49% of the vote. The slate of Blake Lawrence and Jon Cleair finished second with 32% and Bobby Wood and Michael Crawford managed 19%.

J, Tanner and myself

My date, Stacy, and I

I perform Marc Cohn’s Walking In Memphis

Justin & I, the only two RHA men to win re-election



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  1. Handsome man!!!

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