Obama’s Priority: Underestimate Terrorism

One of the first things Obama did as President was order the closing of Guantanamo Bay. This move is at best, a risky one and at worst a disastrous one. It’s also a move made by a President that either has no clue or does not care. Or both. And by risk, I don’t mean a political risk because this move simply satisfies the people that supported him.

Rather, it’s our national security that Obama is risking within a week of in office. The criminals held in the detention center aren’t there for their health. It isn’t a day spa. They are dangerous enemies of the United States that pose a threat to our country.

Obama spewed some baloney about the detainees being denied their “Constitutional Rights” as the reason he’s closing Gitmo. Something else was said about the presence of Guantanamo Bay damages our country’s image worldwide.

And I buy none of it.

Guantanamo Bay holds prisoners that nobody else wants. The United States does the world a favor by holding these inmates and preventing them from committing further crimes. Once prisoners are removed from Guantanamo Bay, nobody wants them. Not even their home countries. Not everything can be solved with words, and sometimes hard punishment is the only way to control certain peoples. If what goes on at Gitmo keeps America safe, then so be it. Fine by me.

The next thing of bother that Obama’s trying to pass off is the fact that their Constitutional rights are being denied. Alright, perhaps a valid argument except for one large problem. The rights of the US Constitution are held for citizens of the United States and not enemy combatants who have no rights by our Constitution.

I wonder if Obama has ever been to Guantanamo Bay or spoken with anyone that guards it’s walls. I’m led to believe that he hasn’t because he seems to be overlooking several important facts about the place.

First, the detainees don’t care about their phantom Constitutional rights because their goal is to fulfill some weird Jihad by becoming a martyr by dying while killing infidel Americans of die by execution in an infidel’s prison. It’s a weird religion, don’t ask me.

Th guy that planned 9/11 – Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told his lawyers he wanted to plead guilty to every charge brought against him because that meant he would be executed and in turn, fulfill his Jihad. And that means he’d get 72 virgins and a trip to sit by Mohammed .. the original one.

Secondly, as I already touched on, no one wants them. No location in the States want them. So where are they going to go if they can’t stay at Guantanamo Bay? Everybody understands that these rogues cause more problems than they’re worth and are grateful that America is willing to put them up.

Thirdly, valuable information has been obtained from these people through interrogations that has stopped additional attacks against our country. Because of security reasons, every tidbit of information that we’ve gotten out of these scumbags can’t be released to the public, so we won’t ever really know exactly how valuable all this information is. But suffice to say that it’s significant.

Lastly, these people are not rehabilitatable. They are not. Releasing these people on the basis of mental rehabilitation just allows them to return to doing exactly what we captured them for in the first place.

Within his first week in office, Obama has demonstrated a desire to maintain a high approval rating from bumbling idiots instead of upholding the Oath he took (twice) to protect this country. To him, the perceived rights of our enemies are more important than the actual rights of US citizens.

Closing Gunatanamo Bay shows that Obama doesn’t actually view terrorism as a very real and very serious threat to our Nation’s Security. He claimed to be concerned about “defeating the enemy” in his Inauguration speech, but obviously that is not his intent at all. Obama ignoring a real and dangerous threat will do nothing but satisfy his mislead supporters and allow terrorist to rebuild and strengthen themselves for additional attacks on US soil and ideals.


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