Barack Obama’s Inauguration

I won’t be watching the Presidential Inauguration tomorrow, or any coverage or discussion about it. Question me all you want, but I’ve got my reasons.

Many people are tabbing tomorrow’s inauguration as one of significant historical proportions. And in some regards, I guess that America electing the first African-American President is reason for celebration. And it comes the day after Martin Luther King Day. Whoopee.

But as an American voter who cast his ballot based on political qualifications, tomorrow’s inauguration is not a historical one at all. There have been Democrats sworn into office before Barack Obama and I’m positive that he won’t be the last.

Many people voted in this election based at least somewhat on race, and therefore see Barack Obama as an African-American first, and a politician second. But in my eyes, race takes a backseat when it comes to evaluating politicians.

If that’s what’s most important to you, then congratulations. Watch and enjoy tomorrow’s festivities. That’s what you wanted and tomorrow, you’ll have it.

Good thing the thing Obama seems most concerned about is the fairness of college football’s playoff system? Glad that’ll be taken care of soon, but it’s okay if Osama Bin Laden lives.


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  1. It has been a long journey for improvements on civil rights and equality, and with Obama being sworn in, the civil rights movement have come full circle since the “I have a dream speech”. I hope Obama can concentrate on increasing jobs, advancing education, and the decreasing of our dependence on fossil fuels.

  2. You gotta be kiddin me man, no one voted for obama bc he’s black. but there was plenty of people that didn’t vote for him cause he’s black. this country is still full of racists like you.

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