Stafford & Moreno Declare For NFL Draft

UGA quarterback and running back tandem Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno declared themselves eligible for the NFL draft earlier today.

For Moreno, I think it’s the right call. Running backs have historically shorter careers in the NFL than quarterbacks do, so getting as many carries on Sunday rather than Saturday bodes well for Moreno, financially speaking. I also believe that the NCAA-to-NFL transition is easier for running backs than it is for quarterbacks.

Stafford has been a three year starter for Georgia, and his numbers have gotten significantly better each year. That trend, plus his projection of being the top-rated quarterback this year, probably made the decision rather easy for him. Although I believe that one more year in college would be beneficial for him. I saw him play in person only once this year (his 407 yard, 5 TD game against Georgia Tech), but even in that kind of dominant performance, it was evident that his decision-making could benefit from one more year in the SEC.

His inconsistency is acceptable and expected from a kid not yet of legal drinking age. UGA’s bowl game was Stafford’s career in four quarters. He was terrible in the first half and then close to spectacular after the intermission. In that game, he rolled out of the pocket to his right after OT Clint Boling was beat pretty badly. Instead of lofting the ball out of bounds, Stafford was dragged down inside his own five yard line, luckily keeping hold of the ball. Next time, he’ll know better.

In the Tech game, he forced a pass into multiple coverage and had his pick returned 30 or 40 yards for a score. He has flashes of brilliance, but also fights bouts of inconsistency as well.

I’m pretty sure that both Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno will have pretty good NFL careers. I’m just thinking that Stafford’s would be a little better, even if it’s a year delayed, by staying one more year at the University of Georgia.


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