Things About Me

I am conservative.
I voted for John McCain.
I support a citizen’s right to own a gun.
I think people should have to pass a test to vote.
Marriage is between one man and one woman.
I think it should be harder to get a divorce.
I support the FairTax.
I am pro-life.
And pro-capital punishment.
The less the government interferes, the better.
I’m anti-terrorism.
Instead of trying to be politically correct, I prefer just being correct.
I think America sacrifices quality for equality way too often.

I believe that chivalry is dying, but I know it won’t be completely gone while I’m still here.
I prefer “cute and pretty” over “hot and sexy”
Most guys have the Princess Leia fantasy. I have the Lois Lane one.
I’m a legs and butt man.
I don’t mind a piercing (or tattoo) or two, but it shouldn’t be the first thing I notice.
Too much makeup is for clowns, transvestites and hookers.

I love war movies, doesn’t matter which war.
My favorite non-war movie is The Prestige.
I don’t like individual artists, generally just individual songs.
Movie soundtracks are often the best albums.
My favorite TV Show is Scrubs, followed closely by Smallville.
But I also like Law & Order (all) and am getting into CSI, NCIS and House.
Hugh Jackman is my favorite actor.
And I really like Michael Caine.
I hate celebrities that make their political views known.
I hate Lindsay Lohan, but like Hilary Duff.
On that note, I need to get the new Maxim.
My favorite author is Aussie writer Matthew Reilly.
My favorite book of his is The Six Sacred Stones.
Batman movies just keep getting better, don’t they?
Pearls Before Swine is my favorite comic strip.
Followed closely by Mallard Filmore.
I enjoy bowling and mini-golf.
And I have my own bowling shoes.
I hate most commercials, and am a channel flipper.

I root for the Yankees, Jets, Rangers and Knicks .. in that order.
I like UGA a little bit more than I like Tech.
I like Mizzou a lot bit more than I like Kansas.
I think Notre Dame needs to get over themselves.
I don’t think the BCS is that bad, but I do support a college football playoff.
There’s nothing in sports better than a baseball game at Yankee Stadium.
Although a packed college football stadium comes close.
I love the way a football feels tucked under my arm.
And the way a baseball glove feels on my hand.
I’m hard to tackle.
College sports are more entertaining that their professional counterparts.

My favorite beverage is a cold glass of milk.
I prefer hard liquor over beer.
I actually hate the taste of beer.
Coke over Pepsi.
Dr. Pepper over every other soda.
My favorite food is a thick steak.
And I’ll take it medium-rare.
Cooler Ranch are my favorite Doritos.
I like the barbeque Fritos the best.
The only coffee I’ll drink comes from Dunkin’ Donuts.
Orange Fanta is the best type of Fanta.
I’ll eat just about anything that comes off a grill.
I prefer fried rice over steamed.

I will point out palindromes when they happen in life.
I do crossword puzzles halfway then give up.
I can make fart noises with my chest.
A lot of people don’t realize that I’m actually quite a good singer.
I love drunk people. So much so that I spend hours every year driving them home.
I was born in New York, moved to Georgia and go to college in Missouri.
I love watching squirrels.
My favorite letter is Z and I love names that begin with Z.
I also like names that begin and end with the same letter.
I read blogs.
My brother and I can invent a game out of anything.
If I could be anyone in the world, it would be Indiana Jones.
I can handle the truth.
I like fire.
I mix up the words “push” and “pull” when they’re on doors.
I like dressing up and wearing hats.
I constantly check my email because I like getting emails.
I’ll talk to people with an accent if they don’t know me.


Posted on December 16, 2008, in Politics, Religion, School, Sports, TV & Movies. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Here you go-the new Maxim

    I’ve always kinda like Hilary Duff too. We should sing together sometime.

  2. I’m a legs and butt man myself. Good choice.

  3. I like the push and pull one 🙂

  4. Since when is “I’m anti-terrorism” a political stance?? People from all across the political spectrum are against terrorism in our country, and if you don’t believe that then you’ve been very deluded by right-wing rhetoric!

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