New York Knicks

As easy as it’s been in my life to be a Yankee fan, it’s been equally hard to root for the New York basketball club. Especially the past six or seven years since Jeff Van Gundy left.

But Mike D’Antoni has a buzz around the team again. Sure, they’re still under .500 (11-12, of tonight), but they’re scoring a lot of points and purging the team of bad contracts (Crawford, Randolph) and bad personalities (sent Stephon Marbury home) in anticipation for something better.

The Knicks, like almost every other NBA team is looking forward to 2010 when LeBron James, among others, becomes a free agent. They’re clearing cap room to offer him a max contract while still looking for players that will compliment him well.

The Knicks and their fans know that the next two years won’t be championship years. But now that they’re out from under the debacle that was Isiah Thomas, both as a GM and as a coach. The next two years should be fun, but will probably be filled with more speculation than game coverage.


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  1. Absolutely, much better if lebron will be in New York.. I think he can have championship trophy there.. But may be Lebron will stay in Cleveland.. 🙂

  2. I think if LeBron can’t win a championship in Cleveland the next two seasons, he never will. That being the case, my guess is he tries somewhere else. The Knicks hope that somewhere else is MSG.

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