Tanner’s Birthday Weekend

Tanner turned 21 this weekend.

On Friday, a bunch of us went out to the Heidelberg to buy him drinks and it didn’t take too much to inebriate Tanner. He bought his first drink himself (Tom Collins) and then I bought him and myself a shot that he picked out (something grapey) and the bartender bought him a shot. He was pretty tipsy by now and ordered a Coke and Greg ordered him Jack on the rocks to go with it. Some of it ended up in Tanner’s Coke, but not a lot.



And this is when Tanner provides some gold nuggets of drunk behavior. First, he and I went to play darts. I had given him a dollar earlier in the night for when we got around to darts and asked him for it now to put it in the machine. He proceeded to hand me his folded up work schedule. When I told him I couldn’t pay with that he was stunned. I stuck a dollar in the machine and he found the dollar halfway through the game. But my favorite was when we were outside waiting for STRIPES to come get us, Tanner proceeded to type his phone number into the ATM outside the Berg. He pulled out his own cell phone and informed us that the ATM was broken.

We got home around two in the morning or so, and Tanner and I left at nine to go into St. Louis for his birthday. We spent a half hour at the license office renewing his ID, and then met up with his dad and dad’s girlfriend for lunch at Chili’s. After that we went back to his mom’s house and watched football for awhile with Bipperboobles (cat).

We went out for dinner with his mom’s side at a small steakhouse before going to the casinos. Tanner likes lottery tickets and is enthralled by the casino. Even though they’re not really my thing, I went with him, like a good friend.

We went to Ameristar Casino in St. Charles first with his mom and step-dad where Tanner quickly lost $60 at Blackjack and $20 at slots but then won about $15 in roulette.

I just kind of followed Tanner around for awhile before buying into a Blackjack table with $40 and left the table with $65. Tanner and I cashed out after about two hours on the floor, most of it spent watching and looking.

Our friend worked at HOME Nightclub and he had gotten us on the guest list for that night so we went in for free with special passes. Neither of us much like nightclubs and it was very loud and very dark. We met up with our friend for a few minutes, checked the place out, scoffed at the insane prices of drinks and left.

We made our way to the brand-spankin’ new Lumiere Place on the Mississippi River. Tanner lost $10 on slots in about five minutes and quickly lost his fascination with slot machines. We both joined in a blackjack table after that, him with $50 and me with $40. There was an older couple at the table and another middle-aged woman already at the table and over the course the five of us struck up a table friendship.

Everybody at a blackjack table wants you to win, even the dealer. Everyone is willing to throw their opinion out there for you to consider. Tanner and I had a really good time at this table and we were at it for a good two hours or so.

Tanner left the table at $250 and I was at $155. We took our chips over to the cashier and got the heck out of there. At the end of the night, Tanner had $125 more than he went in with and I left with $140 more.

I’m certainly not planning on going back to a casino in the near future, or ever. But we both had a great time and made some money. I’m not a huge fan of casinos, but if you’re smart, they’re not horrible. If you’re drunk and pumping money into slots all night, hoping to line up three ovals for a million dollars, you’re going to lose a lot of money, as Tanner found out. But if you stay sober and play the right stuff, you can come out in the black.

Tanner and I had a lot of fun and most of the people there were friendly and a lot of fun. We came back to Columbia on Sunday and went to Mizzou’s basketball game against the 6-1 California Bears as part of the Big 12/Pac 10 challenge. A 20-1 Mizzou run in the first half pretty much set the tone of the game and Mizzou won by almost 30 points.


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