MSA Elections & My Endorsement

There are three slates running for MSA President and Vice President and I’ve had a chance to hear each of them out about what they plan to do. And I also got to hear about how one has no actual plan. That was cool and extremely helpful.

As a student leader that’s heavily invested in the Residence Halls Association and STRIPES (Mizzou’s safe-ride home program) I was most concerned about how the slates would work with these two organizations in addition to everything else. And I felt that one slate was far and away better for the students of Missouri than either of the other two. So I wrote a letter of endorsement for our student paper.


My name is Nate Ballance and I am a senior at MU. I have been heavily involved on campus during my time here, serving as the vice president of the Residence Halls Association and as the sponsorship chairman for STRIPES, MU’s safe ride home program. In both roles, I have worked closely with the Missouri Students Association and because of those relationships, I feel perfectly comfortable endorsing Jordan Paul and Colleen Hoffmann for MSA president and vice president.

Having spent four years in RHA and witnessing the hard work that’s led to real progress in improving relations between RHA and MSA, I feel completely assured that Paul and Hoffmann will be more than capable of continuing the invaluable contributions current President Jim Kelley and Vice President Chelsea Johnson have made in the past year.

I feel Paul and Hoffmann’s experience and qualifications make them the most attractive choice to lead MU’s student government. In addition to their extensive MSA experience, Paul and Hoffman have presented a clear and realistic plan for the direction they wish to see the organization take. If victorious, they would enter office ready to hit the ground running and be ready to serve the students of MU from the beginning.

Jordan Paul and Colleen Hoffmann give MU students an option to vote for a slate that has not only incredible experience and qualifications, but also a clear and obvious plan if elected. As a student who has worked extensively with MSA for several years, I have no qualms with endorsing Jordan Paul and Colleen Hoffman in the upcoming MSA election, nor in encouraging MU students to do the same.

Having witnessed the tremendous job that both Jim Kelley and Chelsea Johnson have done in their short time in office, I look forward to being able to work with Jordan Paul and Colleen Hoffmann in continuing that success to optimize the effect that MSA can have on our school and our students. Fresh off our country’s election, we have another duty to vote for who leads our student government. And in my opinion, there’s no one better prepared for the challenge than Jordan Paul and Colleen Hoffmann.


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