Saw Six

When TJ came to visit me, Saw 5 was just hitting the theaters. TJ likes the Saw movies so he and I watched the first four before going to see number five.

I’m not a huge fan of the whole gory horror flick, but the story lines certainly are brilliant and creative. Unnecessarily chop-’em-up and bloody, but ingenious nonetheless. After we saw the fifth one, the filmmaker in TJ decided he wanted to try his hand at creating his own amateur Saw film.

So we made Saw Six. Filmed at various locations around Columbia, it probably will end up running about thirty minutes. Not having the proper special effects to depict the amount of blood used in regular Saw movies, we simply eliminated the blood, except for a minor cut I sustained while wielding a knife near the end of the movie (since healed). TJ wrote a storyboard outline while I was in class and I starred in the movie after class.

TJ and I wrote no script and just about everything in the movie is ad-libbed. As far as I know the movie is still sitting on his handheld video camera, and may never make it to the big screen, let alone facebook or YouTube. It took us about two afternoons to film, with the help and camerawork of my good friend Bradley.

Regardless of quality, TJ, Brad and I had fun shooting the movie. Sure, some of the language is inappropriate and I wore a pretty blonde wig, but it was fun. Both our moms always say we’re stupid together, but we’re good kids staying out of trouble.



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  1. I can has moviez?

  2. You were in a movie? I really want to see this, especially you in a pretty blonde wig!

  3. Is this one as predictable as Saw 5 was? Usually they’re great, but the last one was way too easy.

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