MLB Free Agents – Where Will They Land?

Here are all the 2009 MLB free agents. I’m not going to predict where each and every one of them will wind up, but I’ll do the top thirty.

Come April, I’ll be happy if I can look back at this list and have gotten a handful of these thirty right.

1. CC Sabathia (SP) – Sabathia is the single most important piece to the Yankees offseason plans. I think he loves pitching against the inferior NL lineups, loves taking his hacks and would be more content in Southern California, but ultimately the Yankees will blow every other team out of the water with their offer and Sabathia will take it. Yankees: 7 years, $170MM

2. Mark Teixeira (1B) – The Angels offense finally add that big bat they needed and I can’t see them surrendering that. K-Rod is easily replaced, and they could actually probably upgrade. I’ll say Anaheim keeps him. Angels: 8 years, $160MM

3. Manny Ramirez (OF) – Manny really glued that young Dodgers team together. I think he’ll flirt with some big spenders, but ultimately stays put. Dodgers: 4 years, $80MM

4. AJ Burnett (SP) – It’s only a matter of time until Burnett opts out and I don’t think he stays in Canada. I really don’t know if there’s a favorite for Burnett, but he said he would listen to the Yankees offer. Yankees: 5 years, $80MM

5. Derek Lowe (SP) – A lot of people like him as a fit for the Yankees. I don’t so much. Lowe seems to want to return to Boston, but they seem to be fine on starting pitching. Braves: 4 years, $68MM

6. Francisco Rodriguez (RP) – He’ll be well overpaid, but I don’t think he gets the 5/75 he’s looking for. But I do think the Mets will panic and try and spend money to correct their bullpen problems. Mets: 4 years, $60MM

7. Orlando Hudson (2B) – He’s an upgrade on just about every major league team, and the team he seems to prefer (Mets) has other areas that need addressing first. Cardinals: 5 years, $60MM

8. Adam Dunn (OF/1B) – Just about any team could use Dunn’s career OPS+ of 130 but I think too many teams will spend too much time looking at his low batting average and high strikeout totals. Nationals: 4 years, $72MM

9. Ben Sheets (SP) – Yes, he has an unattractive injury history, but Sheets is an elite starter and an undisputed staff ace when healthy. Atlanta seems to want to hang onto its top prospects which may hurt their Peavy chances. Sheets is just as good if healthy. Big if. Rangers: 3 years, $50MM

10. Ryan Dempster (SP) – I highly doubt he leaves the Cubs. He pitched so well in Wrigley (at least during the regular season) and the Cubs have showed him tremendous loyalty. Cubs: 4 years, $64MM

11. Mike Mussina (SP) – If anyone can leave baseball after winning 20 games, I believe it’s Moose. If he plays, it’ll be for the Yankees, but I think he’ll hang it up. Hall of Fame. Retirement

12. Pat Burrell (OF) – Pat looks painfully awkward playing the outfield so I’m sticking him in the AL as a DH. Tampa Bay needs a DH and a right-handed one at that. Perfect fit. Rays: 4 years, $64MM

13. Raul Ibanez (OF) – Lots of cash and disappointing outfield prospects. Braves: 3 years, $42MM

14. Bobby Abreu (OF) – Defense was second worst in baseball last year (Bobby thanks Brad Hawpe for being worse) but there’s always some desperate team. Cubs: 3 years, $39MM

15. Andy Pettitte (SP) – Same deal as Mussina. I think he’ll do one more New York tour and then call it quits. Yankees: 1 year, $12MM

16. Brian Fuentes (RP) – The Mets are used to second best, so they’ll take K-Rod while someone else gets a shot at Fuentes, who I’d rather have. He’ll be cheaper and he’ll be better. Someone must need to upgrade their pen that lacks a true closer. Brewers: 4 years, $44MM

17. Rafael Furcal (SS) – An injury hurt Furcal’s chances (and his ankle) at a mega-deal, but he seems comfortable where he is. Dodgers: 4 years, $60MM

18. Jason Giambi (1B/DH) – He had fun in New York, that’s for sure, but he never should have left Oakland. Athletics: 2 years, $25MM

19. Casey Blake (IF/OF) – He can play multiple positions, most of them average to slightly below average. Dude can hit some still though. Twins: 3 years, $36MM

20. Milton Bradley (DH) – Wants a multi-year deal and I can think of one team that’s been known to do that with aging DHs. Blue Jays: 3 years/$28MM

21. Orlando Cabrera (SS) – He obviously hates the White Sox. He’ll want to spite them. Twins: 4 years, $40MM

22. Jamie Moyer (SP) – Gimme. Phillies: 2 years, $12.5MM

23. Kerry Wood (RP) – He kinda owes them. Cubs: 3 years, $30MM

24. Randy Johnson (SP) – It would be nice if he finished out with Arizona, but I don’t think they’ll want to pay him fair value. Someone that got priced out of Sabathia’s range will scoop him up. Angels: 1 year, $15MM

25. Oliver Perez (SP) – He’s not great, but he’s good enough for Boras to sell to a high bidder. Same deal as Johnson, someone will settle after courting Sabathia. Perez will surely get more than Carlos Silva (4/48 ) Dodgers: 4 years, $52MM

26. Jon Garland (SP) – Good for 32 or 33 slightly below-average league average starts a year. Some team will take him on innings. Brewers: 2 years, $20MM

27. Edgar Renteria (SS) – Okay, no more American League for Eddy. Stick with what works. Cardinals: 2 years, $17MM

28. Brad Penny (SP) – He’s been hurt and his stuff seems to be fading. But I’d bank on him rebounding enough to make him a smart gamble. Blue Jays: 2 years, $16MM

29. Jeremy Affeldt (RP) – Potentially a sleeper to close for somebody that needs someone cheap. Indians: 3 years, $12MM

30. Jason Varitek (C) – Nobody else will touch this offensive black hole. “Intangibles” pump up his value. Red Sox: 2 years, $20MM

Whatever happens this offseason, I really hope that it makes the World Series more interesting. Game 7 for the 2009 World Series is scheduled for November 5. What the crap? And that’s not taking into the account that Game 7 ends 48 hours after it started.


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  1. The San Francisco Giants’ search for left-handed assistance in the bullpen has led them to the acquisition of free agent Jeremy Affeldt on Monday. Signing Affeldt to a two-year contract, the Giants are hoping the

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