Today’s Idiot: Anonymous Coward

About two weeks ago, I stopped by the College Republican tent on campus. I picked up a few McCain/Palin yard signs and a handful of bumper stickers.


Well, I’m now out of bumper stickers. One by one, they’ve been peeled off of my car. Now I’m absolutely sure whoever’s been doing this is a Democrat. There’s no reason for anyone else to pull them off. And it’s entirely juvenile, but not unsurprising to me, based on the majority of my experience with such people.

Maybe they think that if they steal my stickers then they’ll trick me into forgetting all about John McCain and I’ll buy into the load that Barack Obama’s selling to idiots across America. But it won’t. I’ll just keep getting stickers and putting them on the back of my car. The blue of the stickers goes well with the aptly named “Bright Blue” of my little car.

I ignore the hundreds of stupid liberal bumper stickers preaching acceptance of others, but apparently all this acceptance extends itself to wherever the Liberal Doctrine ends. If your views aren’t 100% accepting of every possible person or idea, and you don’t go out of your way to accommodate these things, then we’ll rip your bumper stickers off. Hypocritical fools.

Sorry for the blur

I now have to drive out to Vandiver to get more. I’ll probably get about 100 and just keep replacing them. I don’t really mind losing a bumper sticker, but the enormous immaturity of someone to rip off a bumper sticker simply because they may not agree with what it says is asinine.

I bet whoever yanked off my stickers think he or she is hilarious. Good for them, I can put stickers on just as fast as they can peel them off.


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