Key NCAAF Games – 10/04/08

Kentucky at (2)Alabama
Kentucky is undefeated, but so was Georgia. And this one’s in Bama. I see no reason why the Tide doesn’t continue to roll this weekend. Alabama 28, Kentucky 14
UPDATE 11:55PM – Alabama 17, Kentucky 14

(4)Missouri at Nebraska
Mizzou hasn’t won in Lincoln since 1978, nor have they had an offense quite like this, ever. Nebraska is much improved from a year ago, but Missouri’s offense will likely be too much for the Huskers. Missouri 40, Nebraska 21
UPDATE 11:55PM – Missouri 52, Nebraska 17

(5)Texas at Colorado
Besides having one of the more awkwardly named mascots (Buffalo Chip) Colorado is often overlooked in a stacked Big 12. They already have a win over a ranked team this year, and knocked off Oklahoma last season. If there’s an upset watch this weekend, I think it’s here. But I can’t bring myself to pick Colorado over Colt McCoy’s offense. Texas 40, Colorado 20
UPDATE 11:55PM – Texas 38, Colorado 14

(13)Auburn at (19)Vanderbilt
I keep waiting for Auburn to impress me, but they don’t. A 1-point win over Mississippi and a 2-point win over Tennessee (two SEC teams that aren’t that great) don’t do enough to warrant me picking them over a hot Vandy team. Vanderbilt 24, Auburn 13
UPDATE 11:55PM – Vanderbilt 14, Auburn 13

(14)Ohio State at (18)Wisconsin
An Ohio State team starting Terrelle Pryor and Beanie Wells in the backfield is a much better team than the one they fielded at USC several weeks ago. Those two give the Buckeyes more options than Todd Boeckmann. Ohio State 27, Wisconsin 21
UPDATE 11:55PM – Ohio State 20, Wisconsin 17

Florida State at Miami (FL)
Remember when this game was a matchup of title contenders? Now it’s just two teams who can’t find a consistent quarterback battling for middle-of-the pack ACC standing. Florida State 22, Miami 18
UPDATE 11:55PM – Florida State 41, Miami 39

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Notice that I didn’t pick out any Pac-10 games. That’s because I’ve decided that there are no “key” Pac-10 games. The Big 12 and SEC have distanced themselves from every other conference in college football that the National Championship Game should probably just be the Big 12 Champion against the SEC Champion.

How I did last week: 5-1
On the season: 5-1

Predicted: USC 45, Oregon State 13
Actual: Oregon State 27, USC 21

Predicted: Oklahoma 42, TCU 21
Actual: Oklahoma 35, TCU 10

Predicted: Alabama 27, Georgia 21
Actual: Alabama 41, Georgia 30

Predicted: Texas 55, Arkansas 21
Actual: Texas 52, Arkansas 10

Predicted: Penn State 38, Illinois 28
Actual: Penn State 38, Illinois 24

Predicted: Auburn 20, Tennessee 10
Actual: Auburn 14, Tennessee 12


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  1. 5-1 isn’t bad at all, keep up the good work. I am actually 30-19-2 against the spread so far this week, my picks this week are at if you want to check it out. We can have some friendly competition if you’d like…..

  2. Wow! Great job…6 for 6. Cool.

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